Counselling Through Energy Healing



Counselling Through Energy Healing is a process of self healing were we recognize our emotions and how they have affected us in our lives.  Healing through meditation is the key to balance.  With the help of Counselling you will come into understanding and seeing the big picture.  Work on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies.  

Counselling sessions are in person or Skype.

By appointments only.

$65 for 90 minutes

Prepaid for 4 sessions for $245 and save $15



1.  Working on releasing emotional wounds,
2.  Releasing thoughts that stop us being positive.
3.  Getting to feeling good by guided meditation.
4.  Healing health issues by changing our thoughts about it.
5.  Re-inventing yourself by seeing clearly and by trusting in the process.
6.  Transforming emotions to well being.
7,  Physical healing by being positive.
8.  Learn how to self heal and trusting the healing energy within you.
9.  Learn how to get out of stuck repeated cycles.
10.  Getting back control of your physical emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
11.  Getting in touch with your will power and intuition and let go of the feeling being powerless.
12.  You can reverse every situation, it only take courage and a belief that you can


It has been scientifically proven that our intentions can change the DNA and your cells on how to re-balance itself into well-being. Your thoughts are your inner sound that your physical body responds to. By using positive thinking within time, you will be able to rebalance yourself. Healing is all about going back to balance.