Vibrational Sound Healing


     We are Sound

Have you ever thought for a moment, that we are more than just the appearance of our form?


Every part of us is made of atoms particles and molecules that are in constant vibration, and so has a pulse.  Everything that has a pulse, wave and form and everything in the universe has a sound.  We are all vibrations.  There is an harmonic frequency which all life is attuned.  Every cell, bone and tissue of the body and also the electromagnetic fields which surround the body has a healthy vibratory frequency.  Many times when we feel ill  at ease in our lives, it is because we are not vibrating to a perfect resonance of well-being. 

 Today we have  alternative healing methods that can bring you optimum resonance and perfect health.  One of the most popular methods is tuning forks.  Tuning forks were discovered by Psychologist John Beaulieu when he had performed an experiment taking place  in a dark and silent room sitting there and listening.  What they discovered is that they can hear different sounds in the body and everyone of them had a unique frequency.  What they discovered that sound has the capacity to simultaneously change form at the physical, etheric, emotional  and spiritual levels.  Like adjusting a piano, your body can be tuned to achieve optimal physical balance.  

Today tuning forks comes in all different frequencies to balance every organ, emotional and spiritual levels.  Tapping tuning forks to the specific frequency will instantaneously alter your body's biochemistry and bring your nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance.  In seconds your body enters a deep state of relaxation.  Feeling centered, your mind will be at peace.  The realization of all  these wonderful ways to heal and balance ourselves all comes down to how we are vibrating and at what frequency.  The more we come to understand our bodies and how it functions, the better we are able to maintain perfect health for ourselves.  Knowing how to maintain a perfect vibration is the beginning of healthy lives. 


The Spiritual 

The lemurian tuning forks feature a potent set of frequencies based on the mystical key note of 432 hertz harmonized with geometries of the Pythagorean triangle and the Phi ratio.  This extraordinary sacred harmony forms a sonic merkaba which will  open the gateway to profound journey of consciousness.  Reconnect, remember, and resonate with the primordial wisdom of Lemuria.  Created by Jonathan Goldman. 

Sacred Solfeggio opens your energy channels. 

174 Hz.  Appears to be a natural anesthetics.  It tends to remove pain physically and energetically.  (foundation) 

285  Hz.  It influences energy fields sending them message to restructure damage organs.  This helps returning tissue into its original forms.  (quantum cognition)

UT 396 Hz.  Liberating guilt, fear.   Transform the vibration to joy. 

RE  417 Hz.  Undoing situations and  facilitating change, breaks emotional patterns.  Connecting to source. 

MI 528 Hz.  Transformation and Miracles.  DNA repairs. 

FA 639 Hz.  Connecting / Relationship  brings back harmony. 

SOL 741 Hz.  Express / solutions, connect intuition, clears toxins, radiation, clean cells.

LA  852 Hz.  Awakens intuition, connection to your own pure energy.  Unconditional love.

963 Hz.  Awakens any system to its original, perfect state.  Reconnects you with the Spriti. Divine light.  It will enable you to experience oneness.  Pineal activation. 

The Kabalah tree of life.  Sephiroh set of 12 forks.  There is one for each of the 10 sephirah in the kabalah tree of life.   The 11th fork is the invisible non-sephirah DA'ATH.  The 12th is for the lightning flash (genesis), the Pathway of all life made manifest, and all map of the soul / human journey and experience toward enlightened consciousness.  It is a picture of how nothing and vice versa, how physical matter ultimately becomes everything which then becomes nothing.  Materializing and de-materializing. 

The endocrines / spine set are 7 tuning forks.  Designed to work with each of the endocrine glands of the human body as well as specific regions of the spinal column.  These frequencies have been determined to bring balance and harmony to the hormones secreted by the endocrine glands and to the endocrines glands themselves, as well as the spinal cord and spinal nerves.  These forks includes, pineal, pituitary gland, thyroid, thymus, and pancreas, adrenals and gonads / sacrum. 

Angel tuning forks.  These exquisite forks open our soul to the angelic kingdom.  These tuners not only connect with the angelic kingdom, but also allow humans to become a conduit for transmitting and receiving energies between the cosmos and the earth via the sun.  They ascend in pitch and simulate the archetypal energies of Jacob's Ladder, the Pillar of Light and the Stairway to Heaven. 

Planetary chakra tuning.  Descending from the spiritual to the mental.  Aligning all 9 chakras with the planets.  Three of these are the OM frequencies.  Earth star is the low OM,  heart is the middle OM, and Soul star is the higher OM.  

Total Solar Harmonic Spectrum.  Discovered by Pythagoras.  Chakra alignment and ascending from the mental to the spiritual.  Realigning the chakras by color and frequencies.  Body alignment. 

Sharps tuning forks.  

Sacred Chalice  C#.  Represent the womb energy where all creativity is born out of the void.  (orange-red) Root and Sacral. 

Dan Tien D#.  Incornational Core Star that resides, just below the navel.  Were the origin al cell resides.  They are impenetrable from our earthly experience.  It remains pure and pristine.  Also  our soul reside.  Color gold. 

Higher heart F#.  Between the throat and heart.  Is the heart within the heart.  Representing agape love.  (Anada Kanda).  Blue-green color. 

Brain Stems G#.  Brain stem which includes the medulla oblongata, pons and midbrain of limbic brain, all two way pathways between the body and brain and resides in the center of the head.  Royal blue color. 

Higher Brain A#.  this is the frequency of the higher brain centers, such as the puitary, pineal hypothamus, thalamus and amygadala.  The important areas of the brain not only regulate everything in our physical body but also our perceptions beyond the physical.  The color is Indo-violet. 


1/1 ratio.   Universal energy field.

1/2 ratio.  Space within the whole.  (all possibilities)

2/3 ratio.  Perfect fifth - balance - yin and yang. 

3/5 ratio.  Dreams ascent to higher spiritual levels. 

5/8 ratio.  Caves of Whisper - Let go of thoughts that don't serve you anymore and connection to your inner voice, inner wisdom, inner guidance and the healer within. 

8/13 ratio.  Mystical passage way.   Conscious to rise higher.

13/21 ratio. Right and left brain perfect balance  (crown).  Becoming congruent. 

(as above, as below). 

21/24 ratio.  Eye of god.  Consciousness enters the pineal gland.  Transcends duality and travels to the higher planes of energy and spiritual realities. 


Brain waves.  The brain waves tuning forks designed to use sound to signal the brain to shift into different state of awareness. 

Delta.  Associated with deep sleep.  We reconnect with our source, the universal energy field, which provides the energy to repair and revitalize our body and mind.

theta.  Associated with mystical experiences.  Rise out of deeper sleep into waken consciousness.  Receptive to information from our super consciousness mind and better able to hear the voice of memory.  Better access to our unconscious and can access more memories.  By having a stronger intuition we have shifted into theta awareness. 

Alpha.  Being in the zone state.  Allows to process information at high rate. (learning).   Is associated with thinking outside the box.   Good for problem solving, creativity, find creative solutions.  creativity , find creative solutions.  Able to be relaxed and centered during meditation. 

Beta.  Associated with heightened alertness and peak concentration.  We focus and get things done.  Our energy levels are high and we are motivated. 

Gamma.  Gamma waves dissolve frustrating mental blocks.  You'll feel invigorated as fresh neural, pathways open to increase your ability to learn, remember, and create.  Seeing through out the entire brain.  Conscious awareness.  Gamma waves are also found during meditation. 

Gaia Frequency Brain tuner.   Binaural beats for earth resonance. 

The Schumann resonance  7.83 Hz.


Ying and Yang tuning to balance and calm the nervous system into perfect fifth.  C and G notes. 

YHWY tuning fork, god fork.   The fundamental pattern that creates all matter is a 64 tetrahedron geometry shape.  Fundamental of god / the one, All That Is. 


The Body

Bone OM tuning fork.  The 34 Hz osteo ohm can be used on the spinal vertebrae and on joints to reduce inflammation, relieve pain and improve bone density.  Frequencies that lie between the range of 25-150 Hz have been shown to be helpful in relieving pain and aiding the healing of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons.  Good for reflexology. 

Nerve tuning fork.   This tuning fork can be used to relieve pain from pulled or strained muscles.  It is also excellent for removing those knots that develop in the muscles.  It will help in releasing the tightness of cramps so that the muscle will relax and the brain will send the endorphins to help with the pain.  Also removes energy blockages due to traumatic experiences.  Repairs the nerves. 

Otto Tuning forks. 

Otto 128 Hz is very versatile tuning fork.  It is great for working with joint mobility, and stiffness in the joint as well balancing the autonomic system.  The result enhance circulation and less pain.  Also increases nitric oxide which allow for thee healthy functioning of our bodily systems as well as tissue healing.  Good for hip bones, good for grounding and relaxation when beside each ear, use on rib heads, thoracic vertebrae, sternum. Use for detecting fractures,  Can use near the bone injury to increase nitric oxide to support tissue healing.

Otto 64 Hz.  Balancing the autonomic nervous system.  It is placed on the sacrum.

Otto 32 Hz.  Good to stimulate the nerves, skin, hair. 

Body organs tuning fork.   The organ tuning forks are a set of 15 forks, one for each of the major organs and essential parts of the physical body.  These forks are tuned to the frequencies of healthy organ tissue.  The frequencies were discovered by Barbara Herp & International Lambdoma Research Institute.  She passed sound waves through a healthy organ and calculated these frequencies using the speed of sound.



Sessions are for 45 to 60 minutes.  at my place.  $40.00                                                

Total Alignment:  Takes One hour








Disclaimer:   Please note:  These alternative healing modalities are complimentary therapies and do not in any way intend to replace any currently prescribe medical treatments as ordered by your medical practitioners.  It is not recommended that vibrational sound healing to be used by any person using a heart monitor or pacemaker or pregnancy.  Can be discussed further.