Healing with Crystals.

The healing and energizing properties of crystals have been well known for centuries.  Crystals have fascinated people for their beauty, their special stones, royalty and the rich and powerful, and continue to be revered for their spiritual and healing properties. 

Crystals were formed millions of years ago when hot gasses and mineral solutions rose to the surface from the molten layer of the earth.  As cooled, the atoms merged into patterns and three-dimensional lattices to become the crystals we have today.  The structure of the crystals lets it absorb, strengthen, and transmit electromagnetic energy that can heal and energize.


  Crystals are used for Meditation, Manifestation, Protection, Treating Food, Treating Plants, Treating the Aura ( your energy).  


  How Crystal Works. 

 The purposes of all crystal, arrangements is that the physical hands are never laid directly on the body.  They used to smooth out, rearrange the Etheric Webbing through the interaction of the healer's body and crystals.   

Different arrangements:

 The Star of David for spiritual expansion:

 Moon Layout for spiritual advancement.

Chakra Balancing, crystals are placed on each chakra.

Double Star of David, Energy Integration. 

Grounding the Ray using a figure 8

Triangle for stress reliever/Trauma

 Arranging crystals on your body for Cold, Flu, Headaches.

  For Emotional, Physical or Mental Healing using amethyst around the body arrangement.  



Crystal healing treatment realign the body's energy field, opening up the chakras to promote an overall feeling of well-being.  Crystal Therapy  uses quartz crystals and other stones and crystals placed on an around the body to stimulate and sensitize subtle vibrational patterns, release energy blockages and harmonize vibrational frequencies. 


  • Clearing - clearing negative and blocked energy.

  • Instilling and balancing - replacing negative energy with positive vibrations and for strengthening and building chakra energy.

  • Expanding - awareness and spiritual development.

$1.50 for every minutes not exceeding $30.00 and you can stay up to 45 minutes for the treatment or for spiritual meditation.  When your physical body is moving frequently than the treatment is over. 

Course: $210  includes manual, crystal and certification.