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"Laval-sur-le-Lac Blue came in 84th on the recent SCOREGolf Top 100 ranking of the best courses in the country, but up until recently few of the rankers have had the chance to play it. As that gets rectified I assure you this golf course will make a big move up the list. My own expectations are for it to slide into a top 20 spot the next time the ratings come out in 2016.Ē


Rick Young

Score Golf







Ian Andrew has been a golf course architect since 1989 and is a member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects. Ian has developed a reputation for his sensitive renovation and restoration of many of Canada's greatest courses. He is well known for his research of golf architecture history and the passion he has for its preservation. Ianís dedication to bringing back old fashioned hand-crafted features has brought a new level of excellence to his restoration projects as well as his new work.

In 2005 Ian formed his own company based around his belief that he needed more time on site to produce a higher quality of work. As the business grew Ian began to turn down work and concentrated on the clubs and projects that were of the most interest to him. Each of the major projects he has completed since going out on his own has garnered attention from the press.

All the attention brought a most interesting opportunity in 2009 when Mike Weir (2003 Masters Champion) was looking for a design partner he choose to open it up the process to all Canadian architects. After an intensive search and interview process he selected Ian as his new design partner. They have entered into an arrangement to build new courses together, but stick to a single project per year to ensure the quality of work remains the focus of the business.

Ian continues to operate his restoration and renovation business concentrating only on the most interesting courses he can find. The work that Ian takes on falls into two categories, courses with rich architectural histories that should be preserved, or courses of outstanding character that could be improved with a historically based approach.

Ian lives in Brantford, Ontario with his wife Cynthia and two children.


Ian Andrew Golf Design Inc.47 Dufferin Avenue,Brantford,Ontario,†† N3T 4P6†† (519)-752-8456