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“He’s a devoted student of classic architecture, with a knack for archival research and combing through photo collections. But what really helps is being able to scan the old imagery and create restoration images through Photopaint


Brad Klein

Golf Week



“With computer images you can explain the future golf course to the golfers, that is much harder with plans.”


Remi Racine

Club du Golf  Laval-sur-le-lac







Computer Imagery



One of the toughest challenges for a club is to understand what the designer is trying to create. I have a rare and valuable skill -- the ability to produce photo quality computer visualizations of the renovated holes. This provides the membership with the opportunity to see what the holes will look like long before they put the first shovel in the ground. 

This skill will be used in multiple ways. It provides the committee with the ability to explain the changes long before construction. It provides the contractor with a clear vision of what I am trying to create and a better understanding of what they need to do to complete the contract.

I always use photo manipulation to demonstrate to a client what they can expect. Once they see the images that I have produced for them, they can easily understand the vision, and become more comfortable in progressing forward with the work. I always present before and after images because everyone understands a photograph but very few people can understand a plan.





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