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"What Ian and I have created is going to be something fantastic, not only for a potential Canadian Open down the road, but particularly for the members"


Mike Weir



"What we have created is a golf course which is playable day to day for the very good players, the average players, to the ones that maybe struggle a little more. We have created a golf course that is fun for everyone. But when it comes tournament time we know Luc and his staff can make it very challenging just by changing the set up.”


Mike Weir






Laval-sur-le-lac (Blue Course)



This project was a complete rebuild done in collaboration with Mike Weir.


The project involved the re-routing of half the holes to address everything from safety issues to blind shots. While some existing corridors were used to give the course a mature feel, none of the original architecture remains. Earth was only moved on a few holes (shown below).


One aspect that played an important role in the re-development of this course was the desire from multiple interests to have this golf course available to host a Canadian Open. While that was an exciting prospect, Mike and I focused on building a golf course (like Augusta National or Riviera) that would still test the decision making and skills of the best players, but would remain a fun course for member’s daily play.


We thought it would be more interesting to encourage aggressive play and the potential of low scores than try and play defence. We decided we would build challenging green sites very similar to courses like Royal Melbourne and Shinnecock Hills where the middle of the green remains quite receptive to member play, but many of the edges and very dangerous and often run away into very tough places to recover from.


The key was surrounding the greens with nothing but short grass. On courses with rough, the near missis contained very close to the green for an easy chip, but with this approach even the near miss is going to run out and down to a much tougher recovery shot. There is a far greater premium placed on the approach and not being overly aggressive.


We knew that the members would love the opportunity to play to their strengths by flopping, chipping or even putting back onto the greens. Whereas the elite player would find themselves playing a lot of tough recovery shots with a sand wedge from very tight lies.


Our intention was to run the greens faster, firm up the putting surfaces, firm up and shave the surrounds and pin close to the edges for championship golf. Then slow the greens down, keep them a little less firm and allow the surrounds to be normal height and pin towards the interior more to return the fun.






A natural site with no earthmoving


A site created with a little imported fill


Two holes created from a completely “flat open field” in the middle of the site




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