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“We were very pleased to have chosen Ian Andrew Golf Design for what is a very important project in our club’s history, his interest in BillKineer and ability to make history come alive through his work made him the right choice for our project.”


Roger Hogle

Executive Director

Saskatoon Golf and Country Club





Saskatoon Golf & Country Club



In 2008, Saskatoon Golf & Country was faced with an expropriation of land by the city of Saskatoon. They found themselves needing to build a new nine holes. I was selected because of my experience with historical golf courses and interest of incorporating the architecture of Bill Kinnear within the design of the new holes.


The plan involved using the West Course, an adjacent public facility they owned on a small acreage, that was no longer financial profitable because of increased competition in the marketplace.  


The West Course was crammed onto a small acreage, awkward, had serious drainage issues and was littered with large ugly containment mounds throughout. The course bore no resemblance to the original course.


The new nine involved re-grading to tur all the mounding back into natural landforms. The new routing took advantage of all the landforms and undulation on the property and avoided the serious drainage issues by running along the highest sections of the property.


In the end, ten new holes were created since two original were combined to remove two holes that crossed over in the routing. Nine original greens were retained and six of the new greens were re-creations of the six most interesting greens from the lost holes as a tribute to the work of Bill Kinnear. The rebuilding brought an additional 500 yards to deal with technology. But the most important part of the project was the full eighteen had an innovative drainage network installed to address the issue of continuous flooding. Now they are back in play the next day after major rains.






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