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Thank you very much for taking the time to read over my Website. I hope you liked it. If not, I had nothing to do with it.

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Due to the increased population of peregrine falcons in the London area - thanks to a successful re-introduction program in the city - my Carrier Pigeon Courier Services are no longer available. Sorry about that.

When you purchase fishing flies for me, you do not have to send me a cheque until you receive the flies. It's a simple process, it's based on trust and it works. Every once and a while some smarty-pants flips me an email asking what will happen to them if they don't pay. Being from Glasgow, here's how it works.

30 days after the date of your invoice, I will add 10% to your bill.

60 days after the date of your invoice I will add 30% to your bill, and just for fun I will post your name and address on the front page of my website. I know. It sounds great, no need to thank me.

90 days after the date of your invoice I will give your file to Torque my accounts receivable manager. I'll add 50% to your original invoice. Torque has a perfect collections record. He can't be bribed by Milk Bones, he likes to travel, he holds a valid passport and he loves his work.

On day 91 the issue is resolved.
















































"I'd never join any club that would have me as a member."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Groucho Marx.

Torque. My accounts receivable manager.

Torque is a 150 lb cane corso. Bred by the Romans, corso's were the original dogs of war. When they were going to take over a village, the Romans would send the dogs in first, then they would go in after the dogs were finished chewing up the villagers to mop the floor with those who were left. Nice work if you can get it. Anyway, corso's are used by some police forces as tracking dogs, and they are the only breed of dog in the known universe which can successfully identify - and track - different species of fish. Here's Torque tracking a 2lb brown trout on the lower Grand River. Corso's are often mistaken for Norwegian Carp Hounds, which can also track fish, but corso's have a much shorter coat.

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