The 106 Previous Free Fly Winners

Dave, J, Oregon
Funny stuff. If I win, please, "no cheese jokes."

P.J. Wilson, USA .
You are one sick fly fisherman. Very funny stuff.

Chuck, H, Ireland.
Just great.

R. C. Eichelberger, Pa, USA.
Love to read the "Tips and Tricks."

Eric Cowan, (Cyberspace).
Awesome site, great smallmouth information.

Beverly, Alberta.
Very funny site.

David K, Texas.
Your smallmouth bass tips helped me get a few fish. They were smallmouth bass.

George, Belfast, N. Ireland.
Great stuff.

Paul Harper, Ontario.
I tied up and used your Henchman fly. First fish I caught with it was a goldfish at the in-laws pond in Alberta. I also managed to lose a couple brookies on it in Alberta.

Don Malone, Tennessee.
Hi, Ian. Love your site especially the 1966 picture with hair.

Karen from Florida.
I almost had a heart attack from laughing at your Ask Ian stuff. Too funny.

Rob Price, cyberspace.
Hi Ian, great site, I'm a newbie and your site has been a great help.

Frank Dawson, California.
Great site, love the carp flyfishing info. Its pretty hard to find elsewhere, I hope to try it here in California, Thanks for all the good tips!

Richard Maguire, Ontario.
This is a great site. I have never been fly fishing, and I would like to try it. Very helpful information in this site. I will be fishing the Grand River, any information on fishing this area is great. I know an Irishman and a Scotsman can get along.

Raleigh Whalen, Cheyenne, WY
Ian- You have a great site. I am just getting into fly-fishing for carp and you gave me some good pointers. A 55 pound state record was shot with a bow & arrow last week and I couldn't help but think how fun that would be on a fly rod.

Bob Jude, (address unknown)
Tricks & tips; great stuff, information with humor, spent way too much time on this site, but will be back regularly.

John Lorimer, Newfoundland, Canada
Hi Ian, Great site, hope to use your flies in Eagle River Labrador this year.

Harry Lawson, Hamilton, Ontario
Hi Ian I just read that you are coming down to entertain us at Hamilton Fly Tiers so I checked out your site again. There is lots to look at . . . great site. Being a of Scottish ancestry my fishing motto is (road kill make great fly's) and the price is right.

Barry Jacobson, Tasmania, Australia
I just had to enter. The idea of a Scotsman giving something away for free is too much to resist. Great site, by the way.

Susan, Michigan.
Too funny! Your site should come with a 'serious laughing hazard' warning on the front page. I used your tips last year and landed my first steelhead on a small puke fly. Thanks!

The Wozman, Bracebridge, Ontario.
Glen Fiddich? White puke flies? Free flies draw? Count me in. I love the site.

James B, St Thomas, Ont
If its free its for me. Great site first time visitor.

Mike Newton. (address unknown)
Great site well laid out.

Paul Becker, Ontario, Canada.
Ian, Happy New Year. Its January the 3rd and Im thinking fishing (not working) and surfing your educational and entertaining site. #8 puke flies sound good. I need to get out and do some fishing and this would be a good motivator.

Deirdre, Dublin, Ireland.
Listen you miserable Scotsman, I've entered this draw a few times, more than a few times, and never won. My time has come...deliver!

Len Komishin, Alberta, Canada.
Hi Mr. James a friend told me about your site, I have to agree with him. I also love your site.

Roger Guindon, Ont, Canada
I hope to receive a copy of your book Fumbling with a Fly Rod for Christmas. Your site is very entertaining.

James Horowitz, Ont, Canada
I love your site is that short enough. Hehehehe.

Debie J, England
You are one sick Scotsman. Very funny site. I better I win those flies.

Marty Killick Appleton, WI, USA.
Dear Ian, The best thing I learned from your website was your leader system. It is simple and effective. The tips and tricks section is outstanding.

Shelley T, Olds, Alberta, Canada
Love the brooches and t-shirts!

Dan Enders (address unknown)
Giving flies away: great idea. I'll definitely be back.

Paul Fletcher, Toronto, Canada.
Just got back from 10 days of spectacular "Sportfishing BC". Guess I'll have to keep on fishing to try and catch some free flies.

Angela W, Florida, USA.
I was in tears. Funny stuff. Great site. If I win, I will give them away. I don't fly-fish.

Marcos Palmeria, Portugal.
About your site, I think is very clean and the sophisticated look suits it very well. I am a professional webdesigner in a Portuguese Company, so I know what I am saying.

Ed Mercado Ft. Pierce, Florida USA.
Please enter me in the draw. Thank you, Ed

Lee Willinger, Oklahoma, USA
Mr. James; I am an avid smallmouth fisherman and can use all the help I can get. Your site is very entertaining and informative and I plan to review your recommendations regarding smallmouth. Hopefully I will be introduced to your flies by winning some. Thanks.

John Taylor, Cambridge, Ontario.
Well, like I said last month, I ran out and bought a fly rod after reading your site (great info!). Now, having mastered the roll cast...hooking my ankle, a tree and the neighbour's dog in the process...I am ready to win. Cheers!

Brett Groves, Leamington, Ontario
I made your site my homepage, and have been laughing at some of the content ever since. Plenty of big carp in Hillman march, and a few in my backyard pond, but no luck! The tree swallows don't seem to like when I cast away out there either. Great website, keeps me smiling.

R. Rodriguez, Texas, USA
Ian great stuff. First time visitor.

Rob Nelmes (address unknown at the moment)
I just read your book, pretty funny. Found your web address at the back. Didn't expect this draw, so is an added bonus!

Dany, Romania
Hello my name is Dany from Romania and thanks for this chance to win the flies. Thanks very much.

Paul Robinson, Cambridge, Ontario
Over twenty years ago, I tried my cousins fly rod when we were in Algonquin Park. I haven't been back to the park since, nor have I used a fly rod since.

Connie Bocsik (address unknown)
I love your site!
I have learned so much from reading everything on it and had a good laugh too =)

Art James, London, Ontario
Mr. James, I've been a lurking fan of yours for some time. No need to look over your shoulder, I'm not a stalker, but that's what we all say. I'd like a few things from you if possible. 1) enter me into your free fly draw.

Gary Peysarlnes. Kitchener, Ontario.
Your site has got me Stoked! I'm a newbe, no rod, no reel, yet. I gotta fly tying kit but my wife won't let me use it till I get the taxes done. Once again busted by the feds!

Dan (The Carpman) Mills. Spotsylvania, VA, USA.
Great Carp Page! After many years of secretly trying to hook a carp on a fly, I finally succeeded. The fly, one of my own making, caught an 8.5 pound Carp : ) Thanks for a great web site.

Brenda Mac. Michigan, USA.
Good stuff. Lots of pointers. If I get a carp I will let you know.

George H. Ohio, USA.
Even although your site is down, we AIA (Ask Ian Addicts) can still get a fix. Thanks.

Harry in Norfolk, England
Get your site up and running. I need more info. Post some stuff about grayling!

David H. California, USA.
If you want to move . . . your sense of humor would go down well here.

Bruce (The Moose) Rousseau. Marathon, Ontario.
I'm newby to fly fishing and I find your tips and tricks truly informative. Thanks.

Ines Runnels. (address unknown)
Them some good fishin' tricks you got there. Nice site too.

Andy, Loch Rannoch, Scotland.
Funny stuff. I hope when I win - I better win - the flies get sea trout. Seriously, great site.

Patrick C, North Dakota, (near South Dakota)
The trout tips worked. You made me laugh out loud a few times.

'Big John.' Denver. USA.
Too bad you're not a trout fisherman. You would have an even better site!

Patrick, Texas, USA.
I liked the tips section, and some of them worked when I tried them. Thanks.

Stephanie R. Florida. USA.
A very funny site. Too bad you don't fish saltwater.

Charles Wilson, Michigan, USA.
Tried your carp tips. They worked well. I bust my rod.

Glenn Lord (address unknown)
New to the sport, found your site useful and hope to put this info to good use.

Carl Nohr (address unknown)
Reading the stuff on your site is a more reliable activity than fishing in terms of learning something and having a good time. Still, gotta catch fish.

Kevin, way down south Florence, Alabama, USA.
Im a new fly fisherman and I visited your website and I love it! It offers great tips and it is a very original website (very funny).

Milton Conrad, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
Hi. I am new to the sport and in checking information on the web, your site ranks with the best.

Cathy, near Leeds, England.
I like the Ask Ian Pages and the girls in my office (who don't flyfish) like them too. Very funny stuff.

Mr. D. Jackson, Toronto, Ontario
Hey Ian, I love your site! You provide great fishing help, but itŐs the humour that keeps me coming back. Keep it up I'll be here often!

Derek O' Leary,
Only a newbie, but I love fly fishing and this site has helped me big time...great tips...thanks.

Ben Kools, The Daddy Longlegs Fly Fishing Club, Netherlands.
Finally found a good web site about fly fishing. Thanks ! I'll be here often.

David Adamson, Ontario, Canada.
Your site is awesome and I will use it as a resource through out the season.
PS. I loved Fumbling With A Fly Rod

Travis Rushton, Idaho, U.S.A.
Loved the "smallie" info!

F. Eamonn, Toronto, Ontario.
Hey Ian James, your web site has been a key part of my success when I am fishing for steelies in the Toronto Region. Your advice and tips were well used thank you.

K.J.Loree (Address unknown. If someone knows this guy, tell him to e-mail me!)
I have sat in on a lot of your seminars and fly tying at the forums and symposiums and really enjoyed your presentation and your opinions. Great web site.

Kenneth. J. Forse, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Hi Ian, Excellent site. You said to keep it simple. I really did enjoy your site though.

Matt Lierman. Manitouwadge, Ontario,Canada.
Great site. I have been looking for one like this for a long time.
Really glad to have finally found one. Thanks.

Rob Wagner, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Great site! The perfect antidote to these mid-winter blahs...

Ryan Powers, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA.
Ian. Great site! Good to find another fellow who doesn't think
fly fishing is a stuffy pastime for pious purists.

Jeff Henderson, Paris, Ontario, Canada.
Ian, fishing is supposed to be fun. It seems that you understand that.
I loved the site and had a good laugh (needed one).

Zydeco Pete, London, Ontario, Canada.
Oh Great Carp Master, Your sites more fun than doing the jig in a pit of rattlesnakes.

Tina Worsley. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
Thank you for the great laughs! And the tips! Cat fur is also great for tying flies!

Allan Shousterman. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
The tips for bass and steelhead fishing were great.
Now if I could only get up the nerve (and diguise) to tackle carp....

Anne, L. Bay City, Michigan, USA.
I used the tips. They worked. The Groundhog thing is not working.

Carl Michalek, St Jacobs, Ontario, Canada.
Your knowledge & humor has hooked me back again.

Jill, H. Michigan, USA.
Hope I win. Need something to help me get fish. You have a funny site.

A. May, B.C, Canada.
I used the tips and some of them caught fish. Keep up the good work.

Pete Wilson, Michigan, USA.
Good site, how about a white bass page?

Dave Fast, Saskatchewan, Canada
Very straight forward information, just the way it should be.

Chris Vahle. Madison, WI, USA.
Really enjoyed your site and will be back to peruse ... Good job!

Bruce Richer. North Carolina, USA.
After reading a fly fishing book by a stuffy Brit, it's nice to find a Web site
with a bit of humor in it.

Paul Shoup. Michigan, US.
As a beginner you make the art of tying something I can strive for.

Joy Hayworth. Montana, US.
Finally! A site that doesn't alienate the enthusiast.

Doug Blackwell. Michigan, US.
I used some of the tips, and was quite surprised that they worked.

Mark Brown. Michigan, US.
Nice carp page.

Kirsten O'Rourke. London, UK.
Post more tips on catching trout. Quite funny.

Bruce Thompson. Flint, USA.
Post more fish pics. Thanks for all the info.

Tammy Ross. Florida, USA.
Can you add a woman's section? (Nope! The fish can't tell our gender. Ian)

David Tsang. Toronto, Ontario.
I love your site, but the flesh tone background is downright creepy...

David Wiebe. Ontario, Canada.
Funny site. But, do you ever catch trout?

Peter Stuart. Calf, USA.
Can you please post a few more tips. Thanks.

Cliff Rossman. Oregon, USA.
Post some crappie info.

Joe Bianchi. Ohio, USA.
Funny stuff. Liked the carp page.

V. Krishnapura. Michigan, USA.
I like your photos.

Jack Parkington. Florida, USA.
A funny site. Update the tips section!

Blair Burns. Listowel, Canada.
Great site!! I need all the help I can get.

Al Wilson. Stonehaven, Scotland
Very funny stuff. I hope the flies will catch sea trout!

David Meyer. Elora, Ontario.
Finally connected to your site. Great stuff.

George Wilco. Vermont, USA.
I really liked your site. There are some beautiful pictures.

Bruce E. Harang. North Carolina, USA.
Your site is truly a breath of fresh air - if there is air in cyber space that is.

Kat Cruikshank. Ontario, Canada.
Love your site. The groundhog cam made me howl.