Free Ontario Fishing Flies:
The original Free Fishing Fly Draw on the Internet. Woo-Hoo! These Ontario fishing flies are tied by Ian Colin James (that would be me!) and they get fish, not just in Ontario, but around the globe.

A few free flies may be just the thing to help you from going "postal" the next time you are on the river and some clown casts across your line. Plus, as the flies are free, you are not going to cry about it if you bust one or two of on the riverbed.

The last winners are:

Bob Gill (cyberspace)
I like your web site. Saw you on the tv tonight.

Tricia R, (cyberspace)
Your site is really great and provides useful information for someone not experienced like myself. I am very early in my fishing career, and to win these flies would mean a great deal to me...I can email you and update you with pictures of all the great fish I will catch using these flies.

H. Bruskin, Illinois
Your site helps me make it through the cold Chicago winter. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

How to enter the Draw
They say there is nothing for free on the Internet, not true. Each month, over the last three years or so, I have been sending someone a Dozen Free Flies.

All you have to do is E-mail me with a comment about my site and you are in. I do not sell e-mail addresses. I won't be sending you Spam, or for that matter, any other kind of luncheon meat. All the names are printed then put into a hat and a local cop pulls one out.

Here are the rules
1. Your E-mail must have a comment about my site. Please keep it short.

2. The subject line of the E-mail has to read 'Freeflies' then your name.
For me it would be: Freeflies ianjames or Freeflies the Big Guy (Got it? Great!)

3. Given that the Orvis Fly Fishing Company has picked up a few of my patterns for their 2008 catalog, the winners will get one dozen, size #14 Ian's Brass Ass Buzzers, one of my patterns that Orvis is now selling.

4. The draw will be made on the last day of each month.

5. The flies will be shipped by the good folk at Canada Post.

6. The winning name and comment will be posted on this page.

Please check back here to see if you have won. (Too many folk are sending in an e-mail address which is getting bounced back to me when I try to let them know they have won.) If you have won, send me an e-mail with your mailing address and I will get the flies out to you. Thanks. Or stick your address in your e-mail when you enter the draw. Don't worry, I am not going to send you a pile of crap in the post.

Take the time to read my Privacy Statement.

Missing files:

If you have won some flies and you don't have them, send me an e-mail with your mailing address and I will get it sorted out. Thanks.

The Recent Winners

Lewis Skiles, Washington
Great site! I love the humor. New to tying, the tips and tricks are very helpful!

Walter MCGregor (Cyberspace)
Don't know where to start - far too much stuff on the site.

Andrea S, Ohio
I first saw your fly in the Orvis Catalog. Went to your site. Great information! Look forward to reading more in the future. I look forward to trying out some of your patterns.

Mitch McCann (Cyberspace)
Great Site big Guy - Great Site - Love your Flies - Great Site (Got it? Great)

Brian Guffroy (Cyberspace)
Newbie to fly fishing, thanks for the info on your pages

K. J. Forse, Quebec
Ian, Great Site. Makes me want to get back on the Grand and do some fishing.

Eugine Bak (Cyberspace)
Going through your site makes me feel that much more prepared to do some good fishing ... just wish I had more time to do it. Thanks for your insight.

Joo-Hong Lee, Toronto
I love your web site and your book.
My wife keeps looking at me in weird manner when I am on your web page or your book ... because I burst my laugh and don't stop for a good minute or so ...

Shawn Dinel, Niagara Falls
Great site. I am new to fly fishing and was looking around the net for some info. I particularly like the steelhead section. I have a lot more of you site to read so I’ll cut this note short. I would like to win some free flies.

Robert Wilding, Oshawa, Ont
Great tips & tricks - Great photo's - Great website!!!!!

Paul E. Milbury, Ipswich, MA
Almost all my flies fall into the scratch and dent category and - your right - the fish don't care. Whenever I am chained to my desk feeling bummed about how little vacation time I can afford to take, a quick trip to your website makes me feel better. Keep up the good work.

Brad Ormsby, Woodstock, Ont
Ian: You have a wonderful website. I really like the layout.

T. W. Martin, London, Ont
Your site is awesome. Very informative, lots of extremely useful information. My two favorite sections are "Tips and Tricks" and "Step-By-Step Tying". I also enjoy your humorous side.

Ted "K"(cyberspace)
Very funny. That's it.

Amanda, from Boston
Love the Ask Ian section. Love the fish photos. Heck, I love the site.

K. Recker (cyberspce)
Great site! Thanks for putting so much effort into helping the “stunned” fly fishermen (yes I clicked that button). Keep up the good work!

Ivan Wong, Toronto
Hey Ian, my face does nothing but smile when visiting your site! Good stuff!

J. Howell, (cyberspace)
Ian, this is the first I have seen your site. The amount of information is amazing. Certainly a site I will watch in future.

Chris Davis, Montreal
Hi Ian, Have been a fan of the site for a while now and check it regularly. Great to see someone other than myself fly fishing for carp. Some of the guys on the rivers think I'm crazy, but they have no idea what a carp on the fly feels like.

Tom Stowe, cyberspace for the moment.
I am finding this to be the best site yet. BC trout in lakes are what we fish for and I am learning to tie flies that work.

Garrett Davis, Connecticut
Great site, new to fly fishing ...(been tournament bass fishing for years)..want to try it on a fly. Thanks for the straight forward smallmouth advise.

Robert Harms, Netherlands
I like your site a lot. I have visted your site a lot the last months and I hope that I win some free fly`s. Greatings from the Netherlands.

Rod Shea, Ontario
Ian, your Website is very informative!

John Holmes, Ontario
Great website! I am new to the sport and am looking for any and all info I can get my hands on.

Mike Erickson, cyberspace for the moment
Too cheap to buy my own flies. Just Kidding! I first liked this site when I seen your vengeance vow on the bugger who stole your gear. Get 'em good.

Chad Ferris, cyberspace for the moment
Great site. Its a fountain of information! I love the carp registry. P.S.-I am not a bait chucking spin fisherman who found the site by mistake.

Brian Larrington, Wisconson
Ian, I heard you on Flyfish Radio and totally enjoyed the show, some very funny stuff!

Murray Kilshaw, cyberspace for the moment.
The site is well organized and contains a lot of valuable information and links. No nonsense and no deadends!! That is a bonus.

Bill Rawlings, cyberspace for the moment.
Great site Big Guy. I learn something new everytime I visit ...

George Abraham, Ont.
I read the bit about the Grand River Mayflies. Interesting and informative. Have saved it for future reference.

Lloyd Wooverton, IL, USA.
I learned a enjoyed the fishing info along with some of the light hearted jokes... Put my name in the hat if you please and thank you for giving us the chance to win some of your flies!

Rob Wilding, Ontario.
Saw your Arkansas show on "The New Fly Fisher" the other day on OLN, you must have had fun making that one. Great website that gets better every time I wisit. Just in case I win here is my address...

Josh, R. Ohio.
You are a very sick man, with a very twisted mind. Keep it up. Great site.

Bill Knepp,
Kudos' to your sites Awesome Carp section!! Especially of your view of chumming!

John LeJeune, MA
Ian, Funny stuff! I just heard you on Fly Fish Radio. Yours was the best show yet. I don't really think your full of carp! Cheers!

Bill Woodward, OH, USA.
I am a first time visiter to your web page although I have read several articles that you have written and enjoyed them all. I appreciate your approach and especially liked the segments on Carp and Smallmouth Bass, since those are good fish for here in Ohio.

Harrison Nash, Texas.
Love your 'no bull' attitude and the carp page; my favorite fish.

Andy Stetski, BC,
Holy Cow! What an incredible website. You've got it all, Tips, Pics, Humor and a chance to win Free Flies. I LOVE IT! Ps when do you find time to fish?

Tony Stella, BC, Canada.
This is a neat site.

Bill G, USA.
Wonderful pictures and lots of good information.

Chris White, Wisconsin.
Nice Steelie update.
Wish we saw better numbers in our Lake Michigan tribs in Wisconsin.

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