Fishing Flies:
Ordinary Flies, Extraordinary Results

These 'Grab Bags' of productive flies are a quick and easy way to top up your boxes. Devastatingly effective, Grab Bag flies are proven patterns - the flies I tie for clients - and along with patterns from the scratch and dent pile, the flies I use when guiding. Grab Bags give you an opportunity to try out flies you might not have used before, without the nagging feeling of, "I wonder if these get fish." Starting at around $20 or $30, the Grab Bag price range should fit most budgets.

Grab Bag flies get fish.
These are the patterns of choice for use when no fish are showing, when you are faced with fishing a new water for the first time or when you are fishing in difficult conditions. The flies found here on the Grab Bag page will not be species specific. You won't find a pattern which will only work for trout, but you will find flies which will catch a wide variety of species. Translation: Less stuff to drag up and down the river. The patterns will only be available in what I have found to be the most productive, and therefore the most useful, sizes. Many of the Grab Bag flies will be my own creations, traditional patterns or my 'variations' on traditional patterns. Some of the patterns you might not have heard of before. They could be flies created and developed by the lads I fish with, or by other full time guides with a 'no bull, use these flies to get fish' attitude which I deeply respect. Note: I said 'full time guides.' These guides and gillies - from Canada, American, Scotland, England and Ireland - are on the water more than any other anglers, so they know which patterns to use. The bottom line on Grab Bag flies ... they have stellar fish catching pedigrees. Hey, and ordering them is easy with my one-stop, simple selection process.

Why you should use my grab bag flies
A. They get fish.
B. The quality is exceptional.
C. They get fish.
D. They are durable.
E. They get fish.
F. You don't have to make them.
(Tying can be time-consuming and tedious.)
G. They get fish.
H. They work for my clients, they work for me, and they will work for you.

The Dead Easy, 3-Step, Payment Method:
1. Let me know what you want.
2. I ship you the flies.
3. You send me a cheque when you get the flies.

In the spring 2010 Grab Bag
1. The Beadhead Pheasant Tail variation
2. Bead Belly scud

1. Pheasant Tail
This Beadhead Pheasant Tail Nymph variation is a reliable "go-to" fly. It's one of those flies you can cast into unfamiliar water and there is a good chance you will hook something. There are hundreds of Pheasant Tail variations out there, but year after year, this one has stood the test of time.

Take a close look at the fly in the photo at the top of the page. You will see that there is a slight imperfection on the body of the fly, just at the first turn of ribbing. That's why this fly is on the Grab Bag page. The fish don't care, but most of my clients do care about things like that. Frankly, that makes me happy as a discerning fly fisherman knows the value of high quality and they expect it.

This is a cracking pattern for steelhead, carp, mooneye, smallmouth bass, brook trout, brown trout, redhorse and quillback.

Sizes available: #10, #12 and #14
Hook: Standard wet-fly
Bead colour: Copper or black (please specify)

Pricing in Canadian Funds.
Per dozen, $27.00 per dozen
Regular price, $45.00 per dozen

2. Bead Belly Scud
This is a cracking fishing fly for winter steelheading and it will work all season long for Brown Trout, Carp and Smallmouth Bass.
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Sizes available: #10 and #12
Hook: Grub-style
Bead: 3mm. Silver or copper (please specify)

Pricing in Canadian Funds.
Price: $24 per dozen
Regular price: $36 per dozen

Send me an e-mail if you would like to purchase some Grab Bag flies.
E-mail: Grab Bag flies

Scratch and Dent Flies
If you want to purchase some flies that are lower in price than my grab bag flies, you need to put your name on the Scratch and Dent list. Click this link for further info on the Scratch and Dent list.