Ian's Scratch and Dent fishing flies
(There are always Ian's Brass Asses on the list.)

If you are one of my regular customers you should know I sometimes have flies which don't turn out 'just right.' These are the flies I use when I am guiding. They are durable and they are productive, but there are slight blemishes in the finished flies. For example there might be an extra turn of ribbing on the body, there could be a bubble in the head cement, or on a crayfish pattern one claw might be larger that the other. The bottom line being if there are 100 crayfish in a box all of which look the same, but one of them has bigger claws than the rest, something does not look right. The fish don't give a monkey's but as I am a bit of a stickler for quality, I won't send out the odd looking fly with the order. Those of you who use my flies know it is always a bit of a tough decision whether to tie one onto the leader or to pop it into a frame for the wall.

An example - Ian's Brass Ass
Take a look at the photo of my Brass Ass nymph. To get an idea of proportion, the fly is a size #14, tied on a Daiichi 1150 hook. If you look closely at the underside of the thorax, you can see there is one small spot where I missed applying the epoxy finish, and you can see a few size 6/0 thread wraps where the epoxy is missing. That's why this Brass Ass would be in the scratch and dent box.

You can also clearly see a bubble in the epoxy right in front of the strip of holographic fiber, and although the bubble is very small - remember it's a size #14 - this blemish puts this fly in the scratch and dent box. To give you a frame of reference, the copper wire is a medium diameter.

Do you honestly believe a fish can pick out these super small blemish on a size #14 fly? Probably not, but I can. For over 33 years I have built my business on producing impeccably tied and very productive flies. I'd never sell one of my clients a fly with even these two small mistakes in it's construction. I'd use it instead.

For the record
As I said above, when I am guiding, my clients use flies which were taken out of the scratch and dent piles. In essence, all of the fish shown on this website were caught on scratch and dent flies.

The plan
I can't take the time to post a list of my scratch and dent patterns, yet alone find the time to keep it updated. So, my plan is to sell these scratch and dent flies, at greatly reduced prices, using an e-mail listing. All you need to do is let me know you want on the list, and when I have something available I will let you know. Dead easy. Naturally the list will be sent out to everyone at the same time and the flies will be available on a first come, first served basis. Now read the next bit. It is very, very important.

Mailing list etiquette
Have you ever put your name on a list and then received a whack of crap you did not want? Everyone has and we all know it's a pain in the butt. All I will use your e-mail address for is letting you know which flies I have available, if any. It might be biweekly, it might be weekly, it might be monthly. It will depend on how many flies I am making, and at what time of the night I am making them.

How do I get on "The List."
Send me an e-mail using the link below. Your e-mail will be stuffed into a special folder in my Inbox. When I have something available, I will let you know. Note: You need to use this link. If you ask me to go on the list using another e-mail, there is a good chance it will not happen. I get between 60 and 80 e-mails per day, so keeping track is tough. Don't worry, all the names on the list are confidential.

E-mail: Put my name on the Scratch and Dent List.

This would be a very good time for you to take a read at my privacy statement.
The Privacy Statement.


Now, before you ask here is the dressing for my Brass Ass. It's a cracking pattern.

Brass Ass - Ian's Brass Ass
Hook: Grub, wet-fly or sedge
Sizes: #10 to #20
Thread: Black 6/0
Body: Copper wire
Thorax: Black thread
Cheeks: Hedron 3D Holographic Fly Fiber,
.............Orange - code #4067
Coating: 5-min epoxy

If you tie up a few, please let me know if they work.



















Caught on a scratch and dent fly
This stillwater rainbow was caught on one of my scratch and dent flies. When I am guiding, my clients always use flies I pluck out of the scratch and dent box. Why? They work.

And remember, the only time I will use your email address is to let you know what is on the latest scratch and dent list. You have my word on it.


A Scratch and Dent Ian's Brass Ass.
This is a size #14 Brass Ass. If you look closely you can see I missed a spot in the epoxy finish, and you can see the size 6/0 thread wraps in the thorax. You can also see a small bubble in the epoxy finish covering the orange holographic fiber. Those two slight blemishes would put this fly in the scratch and dent box.

Price Savings
My Brass Ass nymphs sell for $3.75 each, but if they are on the scratch and dent list they are only $2.25-$2.00 each.