Orvis Flies -
In 2007 Orvis picked up five of my fly patterns for their fly fishing catalogue and for the Orvis fly fishing shops. Needless to say I was thrilled to bits, and I mean thrilled.

Since then I have come to know several of the staff at Orvis quite well and I have been impressed both by their attention to detail and in the ability for Orvis to "get it right" when dealing with customers. Now before I go any further, I do not receive any free stuff from the good folk at Orvis and this is not a promotion for their products.

Why build this page?
I built this page for several reasons, the biggest of which being that over the past two years I have been answering the same questions about my flies on the Orvis web site time and time again. Eventually this page should take care of those questions.

Secondly, as of 2008 Orvis have been unwilling to ship flies up into Canada. So rather than have Orvis contact me to take care of their Canadian customers wanting some of my flies, this page will eliminate the need for a bunch of email exchanges. More importantly, it will allow fly fishermen to pick up my patterns in a timely manner, and then use them to catch fish.

The patterns
One or two of the patterns made the Orvis best sellers list, and they have received some great reviews on the Orvis web site. If you follow the links you will be able to see what other fly fishermen, just like you, have said about some my fly patterns.

Links to the flies on the Orvis web site:

view Orvis ... Brass Ass

view Orvis ... Smack em Spey

view Orvis ... Crunchy Caddis

Ian's Brass Ass
Ian's brass ass is the most reviewed fishing fly on the Orvis web site. Countless numbers of anglers have used the brass ass to catch fish. The fly is coated in epoxy making the brass ass almost indestructable.

I created the brass ass for going after steelhead from the breakwalls along the Great Lakes. The fly became popular with nymph fishermen and also with float fishermen who used the pattern for steelhead running the rivers.

When Czech nymphing took off, the brass ass found a home as the point fly or the mid dropper

Any Questions?
If you have any questions about my fly patterns, please send me a quick email and I'll get things sorted out for you.






































































... "Ian's patterns are some of the most innovative and impressive flies we at Orvis have had the pleasure to sell, which is remarkable as he is colorblind, not to mention has fingers the size of sausages. His patterns are some of the best selling freshwater species flies that we carry."...
Shawn Brillon, Product Development Specialist at Orvis

The white Smack 'em Spey is handy for going after a wide variety of fish. When wet, the fly looks just like a small minnow. Fish love it.
smack em spey
The yellow Smack 'em Spey is the 'perch version' of the original patern. It's a good choice when going after species like smallmouth bass and walleye which feed heavily on yellow perch.