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You can contact me (Ian James) from this page, or you can use the contact page ... it matters not. However, this page was created to let you know a few things about my website.

Here You Will Find ...
On this page you will find information on the following subjects:
Copyright Notice, Privacy Statement, Reprinting Information, Anti-Spam, Free Fly Draw Comments, Ask Ian Questions, Bulk E-mail, Site Advertising Policy, Licensing of Content, Hit Counter, Cookies, Link Page, Clubs I Support.

Copyright Notice.
The content of my Web site (ianjames.on.ca / ianjames.info ) is copyrighted 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 to me - Ian Colin James. It may not be copied, reproduced, uploaded, downloaded, posted, transmitted or distributed - in whole or in part - for any purpose other than individual viewing of this Web site without the written consent of Ian Colin James. It is for your own personal use. It can't be included on any other Web site or in any other media, print, electronic, etc. without my written permission. Translation: I built this site, if you want to use some of it ... ask. Got it? Good! Don't make uncle Ian go and get the powertools from the woodshed.

Licensing of Content.
If you are interested in reprinting, syndication, or merchandising rights to the information and items on my site, please outline your request in writing and transmit same in one of the following fashions. If you are on a deadline, please indicate the date by which you need a response in your request:
E-mail: ianjames@sympatico.ca
Letter: Ian Colin James, P.O. Box 48034, Pond Mills, London, Ontario, Canada, N6M 1K5.

Privacy Statement.
ianjames.on.ca / ianjames.info is committed to privacy. I don't gather information from your IP address - or anyone else's IP address for that matter - when you visit my site. Frankly, I don't give a rodents rear-end (a rats ass) as to who visits my site, just as long as you enjoy yourself when you are here. I don't covertly collect any personal information that can identify you or allows you to be personally contacted. The information you supply me with when you send me and e-mail is used ONLY for the purpose expressed in that e-mail. Since I do not collect any personal information from inside this site, I DO NOT share any personal information with any third parties - this includes BBQ parties, birthday parties and for you good folk in the Boston area, tea parties - nor do I use any personal information for any purpose other than those expressed in your e-mail.
(See my Bulk E-mail policy below.)

Reprinting Information.
If you want to use any of the content - text and images - on my web site, please contact me by:
E-mail: ianjames@sympatico.ca
Letter: Ian Colin James, P.O. Box 48034, Pond Mills, London, Ontario, Canada, N6M 1K5.

Nobody likes going to a site and receiving a bunch of Spam. Here is my guarantee to you. I do not track you when you visit my site. Unless you send me an e-mail, I have no idea you where here. In other words, you won't be getting any unsolicited e-mail, Spam or junk mail from visiting my site. You can't beat that with a stick, can you?

Free Fly Draw Comments.
If you win the Free Fly Draw, or one of the competitions I run on my site, I will post the comment you sent in beside your name.

Ask Ian Page.
If you send me a question for this section and it is selected to go onto the Ask Ian page, then funnily enough, I will post it on the page. Strange how that works.

Bulk E-mail.
I DO NOT SEND OUT BULK E-MAIL. I don't like getting bulk e-mail, so I don't send it out. I will try and respond to your e-mail on an individual basis. It may take a 'wee bit' of time to do this and I might 'miss one' once and a while, but I do make the effort. I DO NOT SEND OUT Web site update notices, notification of upcoming events and I do not send out notices for items I have on sale, like the Grab Bag flies, or for special promotions. I find this sort of e-mail to be a pain when they show up in my In Box, so I don't do it. If you want to see what is new on my site ... go there. If you want to see what I have in the way of specials, promotions or upcoming events ... go to my site. It's not that I don't care about you and your business, I DO CARE, but I don't want to bother you or invade your privacy.

Site Advertising Policy.
I don't have one, because I do not have advertising on my site. Please don't ask if you can stick a banner on my site. I pay for the upkeep of the site by selling a few items from the site. Not many people like those annoying banner ads on Web sites, so as long as you good folk keep buying stuff, I will keep the site ad-free.

Web Counter.
Since I don't have advertisers to answer to - by justifying the number of hits I get - I don't have a web counter. Personally I don't see the need for a hit counter. Hey, if you hit my site and you like it, I have done a good thing. Having said that, I DO enjoy 'meaningful feedback' like your comments and of course your orders for flies or to hire me for an after dinner talk.

You can have your cookies turned on or turned off when you visit my site. It makes no difference, although I would appreciate it if you could refrain from woofing your cookies when you are here.

Links Page.
Most Web sites - good and bad - have a link page. I DO VISIT every site wanting to get linked here and I reject "quite a few." The ground rules for getting linked to my site are quite straight forward and are outlined on the page. I don't endorse any of the sites linked on this page. I don't get a kickback or a bunch of cash - in used unmarked bills, delivered in a brown envelope - from the folk linked on my site. The links are there as a service to you fold visiting my site because I think you might like visiting them. Simple as that.
P.S.: IF for any reason, you feel the need to send me a bag of cash - Canadian funds, US dollars, Euros, Pounds, Canadian Tire Money - please use this address:
Mail to: Ian Colin James, P.O. Box 48034, Pond Mills, London, Ontario, Canada, N6M 1K5.

Clubs & Charities I Support.
I frequently receive e-mails asking me which fly fishing clubs and charity organizations I support. Just to let you know that I do this - you know, "We are having an auction, could you donate something for the cause" - but I don't feel obliged to tell anyone which clubs I help out. It's the old privacy thing. For your records, here are a few of my favorites:

Penguins Eating Tainted Anchovies
Fish for the Ethical Treatment of Anglers
(Canadian Chapter)
Free Another Rainbow Trout
Bigfoot Roadkill Association
Minor League Rollerball
Kindergarten Caber Toss
Klutz Fly Casting


"Ian presented a lifetime of information in the course of an hour and a half. Our audience at the Mid-South Fly Fishers were frantically taking notes - they had never done that before - to ensure nothing escaped their memory. His presentation was nothing short of outstanding!"
~~~~~~~~~~~ Mid-South Fly Fishers, Memphis, Tennessee.