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Mission Statement

The Canadian Slovenian Congress (Kanadski Slovenski Kongres) is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation of Slovenians and Canadians of Slovenian descent which promotes closer associations between Slovenian organisations within Canada and around the world while actively engaging in charitable and research activities.

The KSK strives to co-operate with all Canadians on the basis of fairness, freedom and justice, fostering the well being of all Slovenians in Canada by:

Striving for fulfilment of social, economic, cultural and spiritual aspirations based on Slovenian democratic traditions and beliefs.
Defending rights and interests of Slovenians wherever they may be denied or violated.
Nurturing active participation in social, economic, cultural, political and religious life of Slovenians within Canadian society.
Inspiring Canadian Slovenian organisations which are providing assistance to Slovenians who are adjusting to their new social and economic life in Canada.
Representing or acting on behalf of Slovenian individuals or communities at all levels of Canadian Governments and authorities in regards to issues affecting Slovenians.
Enhancing the bonds between the Slovenian community in Canada and the rest of Canadian society based on the policies of multiculturalism.
Familiarising Canadian society with the Slovenian contribution to the world.
Establishing and maintaining co-operative relationships with Slovenian associations in other countries.
Maintaining, as an autonomous Canadian organisation, a co-operative relationship with the democratically elected Slovenian World Congress.

In order to fulfil these functions, the Canadian Slovenian Congress has established regional chapters across Canada in Vancouver, Winnipeg, London, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal - the first truly Canadian wide organisation! In fact, the Canadian Slovenian Congress was the first formally recognised Slovenian congressional organisation in the world, founded in Toronto on May 25, 1990 fully one year before the Slovenian World Congress.