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Ljubljana daily (circulation 100,000) Slovenian language
Available for free download in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format
Ljubljana daily (circulation 71,000/Sunday 182,000) Slovenian language
HTML format for on-line viewing
 [Dolenski List]
Novo Mesto weekly Slovenian language
Five years of back issues on-line
 [Ljubljanske Novice]
Ljubljana daily, Slovenian language
Maribor daily, Slovenian language

Slovenian language
'The Voice of Candian-Slovenians', English and Slovenian language
Also includes 'Kongresni Misli' the Canadian Slovenian Congress Newsletter
Slovenian language
 [Slovenia Weekly]
Ljubljana - government publication in English language
Economic trends, business reports, LSE listings, foreign affairs...

 [Centre for Informatics]
Government Centre for Informatics
Central Web server with links to all government ministries and agencies
 [Predsednik RS]
The President of Slovenia

Business and Finance
 [Bank of Slovenia]
Banka Slovenia - the Slovenian Central Bank
Rich in information with links to all other financial institutions
 [Chamber of Commerce]
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
Ljubljana Stock Exchange
 [Intnet Dir]
Internet Business Directory of Slovenia
Well organised with large number of companies in database

Virtual Guide to Slovenia (a.k.a. SloWWWenia)
Wide in scope, this is a very large, deep site with many links
Museums in Slovenia
Comprehensive listing with links to all museum web sites
 [RC Curch in Slovenia]
The Roman Catholic Church in Slovenia
Suprisingly interesting site, good material on history & links
Slovenian dictionary site with over 300 links
 [Telekom Slovenije]
Telekom Slovenije (on-line phone book)
Use the search engine to locate long-lost relatives...

Radio & Television
 [RTV Slovenia]
RTV Slovenia Online
 [Slovenia Radio Net]
Slovenia Radio Network