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Proper Display of Slovenian Language Content

The Slovenian alphabet has letters ('ch' 'sh' and 'zh') that are not part of the standard "Western" character set. These are only present in fonts that contain the full compliment of "extended" (Latin 2) characters. Furthermore, your browser must properly interpret the codes for these extended characters in order to display the right letters.

So, two things need to happen:

  1. Your browser must be capable of decoding Central European Windows-1250
  2. You must have fonts for your computer that contain the Slovenian characters

1. Browsers

Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer support Windows-1250 encoding (among others). Both of these browsers have been tested on Macintosh, Windows/NT, and Windows/98 systems with this web site, and work properly. Every page on this site that contains Slovenian language text also has embedded a command to your browser that will automatically switch you over to Windows-1250 encoding.

You should not have to do ANYTHING to see Slovenian text properly! If you are having trouble, try the following test:

Switch your encoding preference. In Netscape, under the pull-down menu "View", select "Encoding", and then pick "Central European (Windows-1250)". The procedure is similar for MS Internet Explorer. If "Central European (Windows-1250)" is not on your list of encoding choices, IT IS TIME TO GET AN UPDATED VERSION OF YOUR BROWSER!

2. Fonts

Even if your browser is decoding the pages properly, you still may not see the Slovenian text properly because the default font you are using for display does not contain the complete European character set. (This site does not use 'Dynamic Fonts' or make other explicit references to a particular font, it uses YOUR default font.) Luckily, fonts are available for you to download and use! Visit this site for both PC and Macintosh TrueType fonts:

Free download: TrueType core fonts for the Web

After downloading, install the font(s) on your computer per instructions.

Now, set your browser to use one of these full extended character set fonts as the display default. In Netscape, under the pull-down menu "Edit" select "Preferences". Click on "Fonts" in the "Category" window, and you should see the screen below:

Be sure to select "Central European" in the encoding box before setting the font. A click on "OK" and you should now be ready to enjoy reading Slovenian text on the Web (it will print, too!).

Hope this helps...   :)