Let me tell you a bit about Illustrious Bulldogs...

I have had bulldogs since 1954.They were from famous Canadian kennels such as Hounslow, Nugget, Kamel and Comepatabull.  They are my life and passion.

Illustrious Bulldogs was formed in 1990, after my late husband Ronnie retired from the Toronto Metro Police SWAT Team after 34 years on the job.  He bought me Comepatabull's Britannia, from Chris and Gail Neilson.  Brit was the foundation of our breeding program.

I live in Madoc, Ontario, Canada, which is a short distance from Belleville.  I share my home with 4 bulldogs,   Brit, who is 10, as well as her son, daughter, and grandaughter.  All my dogs are housedogs, and breedings are done very seldom, as there will be NO kennels for the bulldogs of Illustrious.  We have a large house and a good fenced property. 

Health and temperament are my first priority,.  Longevity is so important, and a top winning bulldog who only lives to be 4 or 5 is not what Illustrious is all about.

My late husband and myself were both Presidents of the Confederation Bulldog Club.  I am presently secretary of this club.

I would like to thank Chris and Gail Neilson, who's friendship, support and knowledge, have been the foundation for Illustrious Bulldogs.  After Ronnie died, I don't know what I would have done without both of them. 

I would also like to thank Bob Marriott, who served both with the Toronto Police and on the ship "Illustrious".   It is Bob who named my kennel, and he still names all my dogs.  Both Bob and his wife Sylvi were a tower of strength for me after losing Ron.

Again, thank you for visiting my website, and enjoy your visit.