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Is a Bulldog right for you???

Temperament:   If you want a dog to accompany you while jogging or boating, a Bully is not for you.  Because of their short faces, Bullies do not take the heat well.  They don't necessarily need air conditioning, but a fan, a shady spot, and cool drinking water will make their day!
They also like a short walk in the cool evening hours. 

Bullies like to be with you all the time.  They are not an outodoor dog.  In the winter they would prefer to be curled up beside their beloved master.  Because of their short coats, they really feel the cold.

Water: Bullies cannot swim!  They can paddle in on a shallow, sandy beach, but falling off a dock or out of a boat can end in disaster!

Price: If price is your first consideration, perhaps a bully is not for you.  They are a highly specialized breed.  A reputable breeder devotes many hours and considerable expense in breeding and raising puppies.   A good breeder will want to know about you and your families lifestyle before deciding to sell you a puppy. 
A good breeder will give you a very good written guarantee.  Be careful and get in touch with your local Bulldog club through the CKC for breeder referrels.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions..We will do our best to answer them.