Violin Makers

Masa Inokuchi & Miki Inokuchi

  Makers of Exquisite Violins, Violas, Cellos and Contra Bass
in Modern and Baroque Styles



The Makers

Inokuchi & Son have been manufacturing musical instruments of distinction for over 40 years. Considered by many to be one of the top makers of today, the present-day partnership of Master Violin-maker Masa Inokuchi and son Miki Inokuchi makes the third generation to continue in this family honored tradition.

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Masa Inokuchi immigrated to Canada in 1968, mindful of Canada's flag, that it symbolized a Maple Leaf. Since then, Inokuchi have collected Maple and Spruce logs from various regions of North America. The collected wood was cut and prepared to be air-dried, and have been maturing in this controlled environment for the past 25 years. With generous supply of tone-woods, and driven by relentless pursuit of tonal-perfection, some of the best quality instruments available are produced by Inokuchi. As a result, they have received numerous accolades and endorsements from some of the finest performers and teachers.

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Inokuchi instruments are carved not only for their "thickness" graduation, but for their "tone" graduation as well. Top and bottom plates are "tapped" along with a full set of tuning-forks, and carefully graduated according to the individual wood's characteristics, even the bass bar is tuned after it is affixed to the top-plate. This process produces the most ideal tonal balance and harmony of each and every instrument. It is Inokuchi's belief that all of the Old Italian Masters had made their instruments this way, when no computers, or even electricity was available to them to carry out "scientific" approach to violin making. What seems like a very simple and common-sense technique is in fact a feat only possible by the most talented and experienced makers.

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Quality oil varnish is used for the finish of our instruments. Skillfully applied by hand, with rich golden-yellow base and tastefully added red-brown shading.

Violins are offered in 14 inch full size, and also available in 13-7/8 inch model with slightly narrower width, which makes it easier playing for smaller hands.

Violas are available in 15-5/8inch, 16inch and 16-3/8inch models.

Cellos are available in very comfortable 29-1/4inch, and also 30inch.

All instruments are available as "Cornerless" models.
Some players prefer Inokuchi's "Cornerless" models for their unique shape and the deep, rich base sound they produce due to their lack of vibration-restricting corner-blocks.

We offer instruments of highest standards recognized and appreciated by many experts alike. Experience the joy of playing on a new, healthy instrument you can truly call your own. Without the worries of high insurance costs and endless repair work required for an "Old" instrument, an Inokuchi creation will give you the total satisfaction you are looking for.




Baroque Instruments

Inokuchi instruments are available in both Modern and Baroque styles. 

The Baroque model instruments are made from the beginning as such. They are made from lighter wood than of modern instruments, with smaller bass-bar. The neck itself differs from the modern instruments as they are shorter and wider. The neck can also be made to modern instrument proportions. The finger-board and the tail-piece are crafted from combination of Rosewood, Ebony and Bird's-Eye Maple.

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Baroque Violin

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Details of a Baroque Viola


Also available is a five-string cello in Baroque style with an upper "e" string above the "a". As well as being able to play the Bach's cello suite no.6 as it was originally written for the five-string cello, a whole new world of music repertoire is now available to explore.

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Five-string cello




Contra Bass

 Joel Quarrington (Principal bass, Toronto Symphony Orchestra) had commissioned a "Cornerless" double-bass by Inokuchi, and was completed July, 2001.

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bass wood 





Ottawa, Canada
July, 2003

Violinist/Conductor Pinchas Zukerman has recently purchased an Inokuchi cornerless viola for his foundation, "The Zukerman Musical Instruments Foundation for the National Arts Centre Orchestra"

The foundation has decided to loan the Inokuchi viola to Donnie Deacon, NACO's Principal Second Violin. Mr. Deacon will be playing the viola in the NAC Chamber Players, Pinchas Zukerman's chamber ensemble.

Inokuchi & Son wish to thank Maestro Zukerman along with Mr. Walter Prystawski, Concertmaster of NACO and others involved for this truly honorable experience. To have our instruments be recognized and accepted by an artist of distinction as Pinchas Zukerman. It is truly what three generations of our family have strived for all these years of making instruments. To reach a level where highest caliber players can play our instruments alongside instruments of the Old Italian Masters.  






Inokuchi instruments are currently being played in many major symphony orchestras and string- ensembles, as well as by notable soloists, amateur enthusiasts and advancing students across North America, Europe and in Japan.




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Cellist extraordinaire, Vladimir Orloff
has been playing exclusively on his Inokuchi cello since 1989. With it, he has performed in concert tours in Europe and in Japan




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World- renowned violinist, Maxim Vengerov, 
used an Inokuchi "cornerless" violin to record his music video, Massenet: Meditation from Thais




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"At first sight the cello by Masa Inokuchi that I have now played on for three years dazzled me with its beauty and style. Putting bow to string was a revelation - here was a brand new instrument with power, warmth and response way beyond its years. I felt immediately comfortable behind the instrument and have been devoted to it ever since. No matter what situation I perform in - concerto, recital , chamber music or orchestra - the cello feels entirely at home and can mix it up with the most formidable of historic partners. My life as a performer has been enhanced immeasurably by Masa's instrument and I recommend his expertise wherever I go."

- Simon Fryer -





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- Scott Woods - 
1998 & 1999 Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Champion with his 1998 "Masa" violin





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"To anyone who likes beautifully crafted stringed instruments with gorgeous tone:
     I have never heard newly made violins, violas, and cellos that have such complex and deep tone
as the work of the Inokuchis.
I have performed happily on my Inokuchi baroque violin (cornerless model) since it's
creation in 1997.  Often have I been complimented on the sweetness and
richness of this violin's tone.  I have had the pleasure of playing on most
of the baroque violins and some of the conventional (modern) violins made
by this father-and-son team.  Each one is beautifully crafted, and the tone
and response are just wonderful."

- David Greenberg -
Baroque violinist and Cape Breton style fiddler
former member of Tafelmusik
director of Tempest, Halifax's Baroque Orchestra





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- Christian Robinson -
Concertmaster, Sudbury Symphony Orchestra
Artistic Director, Silver Birch Concerts
with his "Masa" violin




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"I tried the Inokuchi cello against many instruments in and far above the price range.
The power and depth of sound is everything one could hope from any cello, let alone a new one.
After an extensive evaluation, I learned that this instrument was something that would work
for me professionally right away, and not leave me wanting or waiting for it to develop.
The ease of play on this instrument is totally exceptional. notes seem to find themselves from top to bottom,
and the comfort level when sitting down with this instrument has never been matched for me.
It's appearance is gorgeous and always attracts positive attention."

- Kirk Starkey -




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"I've been playing my Inokuchi bass for four years now. I still get
pleasure every time I put bow to string. Not only does the strength
and beauty of the sound meet my expectations, but the evenness and
reliability of a contemporary instrument gives peace of mind."

- Andrew R. Miller -
Motion Ensemble
Principal bass, Symphony NB



 - Tapani Yrjölä -




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Our prices are very reasonable and competitive.
Please let us know of your needs and budget, we will do our best to accommodate you with the best possible instrument.

Instruments on consignment are made within very reasonable time-frame.

Installment-payment option is available to qualified clients.





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