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**Journey Into Freedom**

Welcome to 
The Ministry of Light
...incorporating any or all of the following modalities:



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What is Self Empowerment?

It's a doorway to our freedom.... 

How Do I Start?

By learning about, and nurturing the light within. That's why it's called "Journey INTO Freedom"! Any or all of the above modalities can start you on your way. The fact that you are here now, reading this page, indicates that the time is right. You are ready to take back your power! There are many paths to take us to Self empowerment. The path that I offer you will incorporate some of them. Just reading the ongoing information in this site or newsletters, may be all that you need. Some of us need more. 

These various modalities are used for many things. For example, Hypnotherapy is also used for weight loss, smoking cessation and more. Reiki is used for healing people, plants and animals. Those uses are not the focus of this page. Here we use these gifts for the purpose of "Self Healing" on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We use these gifts to obtain our freedom. The Freedom to be who we really are! We learn to respond, rather than react. We learn to come from a place of Love rather than fear. How do we start? Read the information that is linked here. Come back and continue to read the Reiki newsletters. If something here rings true for you and you want more, send me an email and we will start you on your way. Or... if you are one of the many who are already on your way and just want to be reminded of the journey within, continue to visit. Feel free to email me. Sometimes students of the way(self empowerment) get stuck, what I offer here can help with those roadblocks. Sometimes students just want to keep in touch with like minded people. I always appreciate your input or questions for the newsletters. 

And at the end of this journey?

The journey into remembering and creating one's self, is eternal. But the harmony, balance and inner peace we can connect to, is only a short distance away. It is only as far away as our willingness and ability to be open. We've read that all before, now we have the tools to put it into practice. 

We can be free of control by others. We can know inner peace, in spite of what goes on around us. We can give up the struggle and allow our lives to flow in accordance with our higher selves, our higher purpose. My Journey into Freedom was the best gift I ever gave myself. I didn't know just how much I deserved this gift. Do you? 

Your Strength will come from standing in the center of a place no one can see, knowing what no one can verify, and dancing to a tune no one else can hear. ...Emmanuell Book II

Questions or further information send email to: web@lucindaoleary.com



Lucinda O'Leary CHt ACH PLRF
~ Reiki Master ~  SKHM Practitioner ~
Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Transpersonal Counselor
~ Nondenominational Minister ~

In Love We Are One.......Lucinda

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