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Isabelle Fu

Certified Translator and Accredited Interpreter
Phone and Fax: (514) 257-1688


Some of Isabelle Fu's Work Photos
as an Interpreter

Official meeting in 1984 between René Lévesque (Québec premier) and Wang, Daohan (mayor of Shanghai) in Shanghai

Meeting between the well-known French actress Catherine Deneuve (extreme right) and the Chinese star Qin, Yi (extreme left) during the Shanghai International Film Festival in 1988

Meeting between Lucien Bouchard (Québec premier) and Bo, Xilai (mayor of Dalian of China) in Québec

Andromed Inc., a Québec company in the biomedical techonolgy industry, is giving a presentation in Hainan, China

Presentation during Mission Québec in China

Acupuncture course for the students of Collège de Rosement (2nd and 3rd row)

At the Montreal city hall

Bridging the worlds -- Coordinator for a Bombardier Transportation's training program in France for engineers of Chinese partner

Accredited Interpreter of the Law Courts of Quebec (Palais de Justice du Québec)

World Meat Conference 2004 in Winnipeg

During the Second Summit of Partner Regions. Isabelle Fu (interpreter, left), Jean Charest (Premier of Québec, center), and Han, Yuqun (governor of Shandong, China, right).

Interpretation for Han, Zhen (mayor of Shanghai) in Québec City, 2005

Narration for Hydro-Quebec's multimedia presentation

Conference on the Taxation and the Fiscal Practices in Canada

Meeting between Jean Charest (Québec premier) and Hu, Jintao (Chinese President) in Ottawa, Sep. 2005

Canadian Chinese Head Tax Redress Conference in 2006

XVI International AIDS Conference (2006 in Toronto)

World Energy Conference 2010 in Montreal

The official visit to Québec of a Chinese government environmental delegation from Zhejiang

Principal translator for <<Montreal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities>> in Chinese (Inauguration at Montreal City Hall, 2011)

2014 International Summit of Cooperatives


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