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George Alexander House (1885 - 1924)

George Alexander House was the fourth child, and first son, of Peter House (1853 - 1907) and Rosanna Elliot who were married in Catalina, NF, on May 22, 1877. He would eventually have one brother and two more sisters. Some time before 1912 he married Jane Pearce (1887 - 1920) and fathered two children, Peter in 1912, and Rose in 1913. After Jane died in 1920 he married Daisy Norman (1903 - 1982) and became the father of two more children; Levi in 1922 and Katherine in 1924. Daisy was the daughter of William John Norman (1866 - ) and Theresa Steed (1867 - 1933). In 1926, Daisy married for the second time to Albert Duffett (1894 - 1969), having three more children.

On George's the death Peter and Rose went to live in an orphanage in St. John's, NF.

(courtesy of Holly (Norman) Kamizer, 2000)

Transcribed by James Butler, 2000