(The Fisherman's Advocate, November 2, 1932, page 6)

Edmund Butler
(Port Rexton)

Mr. Edmund Butler, of Port Rexton died, under tragic circumstances, on Thursday last, as a result of mental illness, with which he had been afflicted for some twelve months.

The late Mr. Butler, with his family, came to Port Union some years ago and worked here in the Shipbuilding Yard and at other odd jobs when the Shipbuilding Yard was not in operation. He was a steady and faithful worker and always got along well with his co-workers, at whatever job he was engaged.

Last November he decided to return to his old home at Port Rexton, where he was residing when his death occurred. The change brought no improvement in health, however, despite medical attendance and the closest attention of those members of his family who were residing with him. The deceased is survived by his wife, three sons Albert residing at Port Union, James at Port Rexton, Howard at Brooklyn, New York, and by three daughters, Jennie, in Brooklyn, New York, Mary in Boston and Ella residing on the South Side of Trinity Bay. He is also survived by two brothers and two sisters.

Interment took place at the C. of E. cemetery, Port Rexton, on Saturday afternoon last, Rev. Mr. Kirby officiating. The funeral service was well attended.

To the bereaved widow, sons and daughters and other relatives and friends the Advocate extends its deepest sympathy.

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