John Edgar "Ted" Butler, 1910 - 1944

Extracts from the text of an e-mail sent to Clarence Dewling by John F. Tulk concerning the death of John Edgar "Ted" Butler, January 31, 2003

Hi Clarence.

Our e-mail activity re. John Fowlow has prompted me to report to the THS [Trinity Historical Society]. This past fall I was given the service medals of my Uncle Ted (my mother's half-brother) of Port Rexton. Also the letter sent to my step-grandmother. Ted was the eldest child of Albert Edmund Butler (1869/July/29 at Robin Hood - 1933/October/27 at Port Rexton) and Alberta Elizabeth Hogarth (1877/November/24 - 1960/August 08) of Freshwater, the widow of Heber Evelly (bapt. 1870/December 26 -1908/March/18). John Edgar Butler born (1910/January/31) at Port Rexton was killed (1944/October/03) in a small harbour along the Channel coast of France. He was buried in the Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, France. He enlisted in the Newfoundland Forestry Service (c. 1939), served in Scotland, and joined the Royal Navy when the war broke out. To the best of my knowledge he served on a Channel Mine Sweeper for most of the War, but was stationed in the New York, USA, area for a brief period, probably for R & R. The morning of his death, Ted, the Petty Officer and a Mate were sitting on a hatch going over charts of the harbour to determine the best way to efficiently sweep the harbour, when a mine under the ship blew. The Petty Officer was crippled for life, the Mate killed, and Ted choked on his broken false teeth, which had lodged in his throat. He died before he could be taken to hospital.

I am quite certain, I left a photo of Ted with Jim for the Archives. My intention is to have the medals mounted and framed. It may be that my sons will wish to keep the medals, but I will be very happy to loan them, long-term, to the THS for display in any military exhibits.

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Cheers, John

Headstone Photograph