(The Fisherman's Advocate, May 30 , 1975, page 4)



The husband and sister of the late Nellie M. Penney of Chamneys West wish to express sincere thanks and appreciation to all who helped in any way to alleviate their sorrow caused by the passing of a dear wife and sister on April 28, 1975. Also the passing of Mary D. Butler, mother of the deceased who resided at Toronto with her daughter Daphne and died at Peel Memorial Hospital, Brampton, Ontario, May 2, 1975. Our heartfelt thanks go out to those that sent wreaths, cards and made phone calls and those that visited the Leo Arch Deacon Funeral Home at Toronto before her remains were sent home at Port Rexton for burial. Thanks to doctor Duncan and nurse Morris and Rev. House for their many visits, also organist and undertaker J. R. Piercey, flower bearer boys, grave diggers and sexton. Due to the large number of expressions we regret it is impossible to thank all individually but we assure you your kindness will ever be remembered. May God's blessing ever be with you.

Inserted by Charles and Daphne

Headstone Photograph - Mary D. Butler