(The Fisherman's Advocate, October 30, 1942, page 6)


(Editor, Fisherman's Advocate)

DEAR SIR - On October 14th the horrors of this terrible war were brought nearer to this community when the news was flashed that the S.S.Caribou had been torpedoed by a German submarine and that Robert Butler, a resident of this place, was among the missing passengers, and later to be informed that his body had been recovered.

Robert is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. George Butler. About 18 months ago he left our shores in company with his uncle to seek employment in Canada. After working in Toronto for some time he was transferred to Halifax and later to Sydney. Having completed his work there he was on his way home to spend a few months with his parents before returning to Toronto when he was attacked by a murderous enemy and by him lost his life.

He leaves to mourn his sad loss a father, mother, one sister, Mrs. Ernest Osbourne of Trinity, to whom the hearts of the whole community go out in sympathy in their hour of bereavement.

Robert was a bright, active and industrious young man, a dutiful son and a loving brother; he was liked by all who knew him and a favourite with his chums.

On Monday, the 19th, his body arrived home and the following day was laid to rest in the C. of E. cemetery by the side of his sister Mary, who predeceased him about four years ago, there to await the final call.

                    Sleep on beloved, sleep, and take thy rest,
                    Lay down thy head upon thy Saviour's breast;
                    We loved thee well, but Jesus loved thee best,
                    Good night, good night, good night.

Yours respectfully,
Trinity East,
October 24th, 1942

Headstone Photograph