“Never mind your constant philosophizing, Niccolo,” said Catherine de Medici to Machiavelli. “Put away your thoughts and check that mike.”

[Know ye all that DJ Machiavelli is available for all your party music needs and he'll next be a-spinnin' at the "Bash for Dr. Slash" - April 23]


First to arrive were those sticklers for punctuality the Victorian couple of Westboro, Lord and Lady Avondale, all swish feathers and ivory lace. Lady Avondale’s digital camera dangled jauntily from her wrist, as though it were a parasol. Lord Avondale was dapper indeed, from top hat down to spats. ‘Do you think there will be dancing?” he asked. A jolly lady in black stocking was passing. “You better believe it,” said she. “There’s always dancing with this crew!”




Last Updated: March 15, 2005