Yo!  More Guests!



Friar Tuck’n’Roll was very pleased to escort a shy visitor from a Faraway Land, the mittened and slippered Geisha Mona-Ko of Kyoto. He took great delight in showing off local customs and the modest geisha was thrilled to be able to participate in the Fetching of The Goldfish, a traditional tenet of any over-the-top extravaganza. Perhaps she intends on staying in touch, as it was noticed that the blushing geisha and jolly monk were sporting matching masks.

The Princess of Seven Islands, almost queenly in a sheath-like two-piece of soft Bordeaux, reported that there was much ado about masking up on Holmwood as guests made their final approach to the de Medici stronghold.



Accompanying the Princess was the Lone Ranger Goes To Town, looking astounded by the doings of the party-goers. It was observed that the Princess preferred to wear her mask as a crown, out of habit, no doubt. Signora de Medici, in hindsight, wondered if the Lone Ranger was poured enough to drink. The Princess entreated the Geisha to remove her mask and show her face. “Most certainly not,” replied the Geisha with dignity. “This is a Masked Ball!”


Last Updated: March 17, 2005