A Hostess Speaks



Catherine de Medici of the House of Partini

A huge and hearty thank you to all! What a night it was and will my simple stupid modern-day wardrobe ever suffice again?

I commend each and every one of you for the time and effort put into creating the finest displays of haberdashery, high style and extreme elegance ever seen in this location. I have prepared a few notes, lest one forgets the highlights of the soiree. Peruse them at your leisure.

As night fell over Holmwood Avenue, Catherine de Medici of the House of Partini sighed and looked out over her domain. There was nothing left to do but raise a glass to the passersby, the common folk who marveled at the golden porch adornments. The commoners waved back. “That’s right, people,” she said, “better than the Oscars.” It came as no surprise to her that she was also referred to as Catherine of Arrogance, but she preferred to mishear. She had no intention of losing her head.


Casa Partini


With floodlights shining on the Golden Mask of Bacchus the revellers would be sure to find the festivities. Alas, not so for a Kilted Guest of Kanata who roamed till 11:30. Sometimes, Cecil, the map is mightier than three swords.


Last Updated: April 7, 2005