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History of 1646 ( page up )
    Concession is made by the company of News-France to Sieur of Montmagny, then Governor, of the river of the South with one mile of Land along the river in top of the river, the whole on four miles, of depth, and, both isles located in the river, isles with geese and isle with cranes.

history of 1655 ( page up )
    Louis Couillard of Espinay acquires all the rights of the seignery of the river of the South. He becomes the first lord of this vast land. He was the son of Guillaume, arrived at the country in 1613, and of Marie Guillemette Hébert, Child of Louis Hébert first colonist from France. He exerted an active monitoring on the work started in his seignery, he made build the manor, stone masonry of 40 feet out of 24, and the dependences.

history of 1742 ( page up )
    Sharing of the seigniory of the river of the south and stronghold of l`Espinay.

history of 1759 ( page up )
    The campaigns of the St-Laurent are devastated by the English and the initial manor of the lords of the river Southern is then burnt. The successors of the lords of Ancien Régime lived temporary residences thereafter.

history of 1812-14 ( page up )
    Doctor Antoine-Gaspard Couillard inherit the properties and starts the reconstructions of the Manor, but must sell the majority of the land to be able to finish the reconstructions that have become very expensive. Died in 1847.Randall Paton next Owner, buys the land of what is left of the existing domains.

history of 20'th centory ( page up )
    In The 20'th centory Maurice Rousseau then buy's from the bank the Manor, and keep's it, until early 1900 . Dies in 1933 . It then becomes the property of Henri Boulet, whom then, renames it Manoir des Erables.

history of 1975 ( page up )
    The family CYR becomes owners of the Catles and installs a fine cuisine of Québec and it becomes a Historical building with its living rooms , larges and immenses bedrooms, from 1982 Also becomes a relay and Catles up and until year 1992.

history of 1990 ( page up )
    Les Cyr becomes owners of the Manor Collin wich was integrated in the domaine old of 125 years and was constructed by thePrice-Brothers whom transformed it in 8 livable Quarters .

history of 1993 ( page up )
    1993 Jean Cyr becomes Owner of the manor .

history of 1995 ( page up )
    1995 Jacques and Johanne Després visit the Manoir des Erables

history of 2005 - 2017 ( page up )

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