The heart of the Stikfas experience.  The blank slate they provide you with leaves
them completely open to your customizing imagination.  Here's what I've come up with so far.


HockeyStik:  A hockey player with both regular and goalie gear.
Skin Diver:  The first custom idea with my Tan AFK.
Alpha-Mech:  Done as a joke, it's an example of what can be done with an Alpha Kit. (mostly)
OZ-4 Battle Unit: Built from spare parts, he's an automated or manable mobile weapon.

Garot-Ghost Pirate:  A skeletal pirate carved from regular stikfas parts.  The greatest challenge was hollowing out his ribcage.
Ghost Pirate

Knolan:Wizard from the Battlechasers comic book.  Hopefully just the first of the team.

40K Ork: Based on Games Workshop's Warhammer 40K game, this ork has an articlated jaw and custom weapons.
40K Ork

Super Seven: Created out of all-stikfas parts, including sprue, bag and cards.

Nirve Cruiser:  Another Stikfas vehicle, this is made of sprue, ski poles and ladder bits.