The mech was done almost as a joke... Poperocket from Stikfanatics did an awesome mech, kitbashing it, and almost hiding the fact that a stikfas was underneath, so I set out to see what kind of mech could be made purely from a single CAM kit.

At the centre is a torso with the pocket holes, hip attached in the usual place and facing forward, butt-curve down, with the two upper thighs with pocket-holes attached and turned back towards the body. I borrowed an extra shield handle, and they were put into the holes on the thighs. This makes the head. The other hip in the kit is attached on the head-peg, butt-curve facing up. Onto this one, I attached the upper arms, and then lower arms to make... missile launchers? ..Jump jets? ..exhaust stacks? Onto the arm pegs, I attached the other upper thighs, followed by the other upper arms, followed by the lower legs (facing backwards and swapped right for left) and feet. I borrowed an extra gun from another kit, so they'd match, and attached them to the underside pocket holes. The shield is held in place with two short pegs made form 1/8" balsa wood, inserted into the two shield holes, and the pocket holes on the body.
...then you can add paint! ;) Mine wasn't painted, as it was just a test to see what mech I could make from a single (mostly) kit. It's the only mech I've made so far, but experiment and see what you come up with...