WELCOME!  This site is dedicated to the restoration of God's Holy Calendar to its originally inspired form as Moses received it on Mount Sinai. We do not want to reform the Calendar -- indeed we believe that it has undergone much reformation and development down through the centuries -- rather, we want to restore it!

The big question which we ask is "If the calendar was holy in Moses' time and it has been changed, can it still be holy?" Any serious work on the Jewish calendar, as well as the Jewish Encyclopaedia, document numerous "developments" in the structure of the calendar. We document some of these changes and answer this vital question.

The next question we deal with is "Did the Jews faithfully preserve the original Calendar instructions which Moses received on Mount Sinai?" The short answer is; Yes they did... although not in the way we have been led to believe! They did not preserve it in their Oral Law and Tradition, but in the Scriptures themselves, which they have painstakingly preserved down through the centuries -- every jot and tittle! We will show you how to find these instuctions in the Scriptures so that you can enjoy God's Sacred Festivals in a way that you never have before! We will deal with such topics as whether to determine the New Moon by calculating the conjunction, or observing the first faint crescent; how to determine the beginning of the year, and does it begin on Abib 1 or Tishri 1?; What are the oracles of God?;  What was Mr. Armstrong's role in establishing the observance of the Calendar in the twentieth century Church?

Warning!! This is not popular teaching, but with our Creator on your side, you will never be alone!

Although this document is written from the perspective of a former member of the Worldwide Church of God, and its successor, the Philadelphia Church of God, and all the other factions and splits thereof, the teaching in this document is valuable and worthwhile to all Christian and Jewish Bible students who believe God's Law is valid today.

Throughout the document, the author's emphasis is represented in bold type, while quoted text shows its author's emphasis in upper case or italics.

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