(used as an example in the Mind Exercise)


110 ml shortening		330 ml white sugar
550 ml cake flour		220 ml buttermilk
~50 ml red food colouring	2 eggs
30 ml cocoa			15 ml white vinegar
5 ml vanilla			5 ml salt
5 ml baking soda


Preheat oven to 350 deg F (180 deg C)

In a small bowl:
-thoroughly mix cocoa, red food colouring, vanilla & set aside.

In a large bowl:
-beat shortening, white sugar, eggs.

In a medium bowl:
-sift together flour, salt.

Mix the cocoa/food colouring/vanilla mix with the shortening/
white sugar/eggs in the large bowl.

In a 4th bowl:
-mix the buttermilk, vinegar and baking soda.

Add the flour/salt mixture to the mixture in the large bowl,
small amounts at a time, alternating with small amounts of
the buttermilk/vinegar/baking soda mix, starting and ending
with the flour mixture. Once all are blended, beat for 1 to
2 min.

Pour batter into 2 round 9 inch cake pans, pop into the
oven and bake 40 to 45 minutes, or until the "toothpick"
test comes out clean. Cool COMPLETELY (very important).
Remove the layers from the pans, and cover with


Make a paste of 75 ml flour and 220 ml milk. Cook this
mixture over LOW heat, STIRRING CONSTANTLY (very important)
until it is a smooth, thick paste that can form a ball.
ALLOW TO COOL COMPLETELY (very important).

Cream together 110 ml uncoloured margarine, 110 ml butter,
220 ml icing sugar, 5 ml vanilla.

Now add the paste to the margarine/butter/sugar mixture in
20 ml amounts, beating well after each addition. Once all
the mixture is added, beat the icing until smooth and fluffy.
Spread on and between the layers of the COOL Red Velvet cake.