Now, a Pocket Reference for your VX-1R!

Very soon after I bought my VX-1R, I found that I needed information from the manual in my pocket along with the radio. So, I created the little manual you see at the right. -->

Some of my friends (VE3XYY, VE3IUO, VE3CZI) have their own VX-1Rs. They helped field test the little book and made suggestions for changes and improvements.

Thanks to mentions in QST, CQ and 73 magazines, and the internet, Hams in twenty-five countries carry information from VE3AYR in their pocket!


68 pages - 2.75" x 4.25"

Now with plastic cover protectors just like the other books have!

Details of all the Control, DTMF, Memory, Receiver, Scan, Tone, Transmitter and ARTS (Auto Range Transpond System) operations.

Also includes:
Spectrum Allocation table,
Menu Summary and
LCD Display details.
Antenna alternatives.

Ordering Information:

Send $8.99 (US$ $5.99 + $3.00 shipping and handling), cash, cheque or International money order, payable to Hugh McCully


VE3AYR's VX-1R Book
610 Barons Court
Burlington, ON L7R 4E4



Questions and Comments

73 de Hugh, VE3AYR

See May 1998 QST
Product Review, page 98

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Last revision October 25, 2008