Now, there's a Pocket Reference for your VX-5R!

VX-5 Cover
Your VX-5R is in your pocket.
Your friend wants a demo
The manual is at home.

there is a

Pocket Reference for the VX-5R!

It fits in your pocket along with the rig.

Wherever you are,
you can have
at your fingertips
the information you need
to use all those VX-5R features.


  • More than 100 pages - 2.75" x 4.25"
  • Information on all the Control, DTMF, Memory, Keypad, Receiver, Scan, Tone, Transmitter and ARTS (Auto Range Transpond System) operations.

  • Includes things not found in the Manual: Alphanumeric entry short cuts, frequency information, user tips, etc.

  • Also includes:
    Menu Summary
    LCD Display details.
    Antenna alternatives.
    Extensive Index and cross referenced pages


Send $11.99 (US$: $8.99 + $3.00 shipping and handling), cash, cheque or International money order, payable to Hugh McCully.

When you order, please include your callsign and, if you also send your email address I will try to confirm reception of your order.

Hams in twenty-five countries and fifty states already use Pocket References
I'd be delighted to have you join them.


VE3AYR's VX-5R Book
610 Barons Court
Burlington, ON L7R 4E4

Questions and Comments
73 de Hugh, VE3AYR

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Last revision October 25, 2008