Daily Diary
May 1998

Sunday, 3 May

  • I was supposed to pickup Michael at 9:00 AM this morning from his sleep-over so we could go fishing.  There's a big annual fishing derby in this area every year and Michael was looking forward to trying his luck.  When Linda was getting Stephanie dressed this morning, she noticed a big rash that had developed overnight across Stephanie's chest.  A quick call to the clinic confirmed what we had suspected: second-time round chicken pox, also called shingles.    

    NOTE: After you get chicken pox the first time (which Stephanie had gotten a few years ago), the chicken pox virus stays in your body to fight off getting chicken pox again.  However, if your body defences are low (as they are when recieving chemotherapy, or if you are very old or weak) the virus can reactivate itself.  When it does, its appears as a rash/blisters that follow nerves and is commonly called "shingles".  In Stephaine's case, they were in a 5 inch wide band from the middle of her chest around to the middle of her back.

  • Some quick juggling and we sent Michael off for the morning with one of his friends that were going fishing while went off to Kingston to see the doctor.  By 1:30 PM Stephanie got her hospital bed.  According to the doctor, it'll be antibiotics via IV for 5-8 days.  Once no more new blisters start appearing, she'll be able to go home but will have to oral antibiotics for a few days.

Tuesday, 26 May