Daily Diary
September 1998

Tuesday, 15 September

  • A pretty routine chemotherapy appointment in Kingston today.

Saturday,  19 September

  • Went to a "club exposition" afternoon.  Joined Stephanie up for tap dancing.  She's pretty excited about getting her tap shoes and learning.
  • Stephanie has been complaining of sore elbows and wrists since last Tuesday.  It seems to be getting worse.  Phoned KGH to talk to the doctor to see if there is anything we should be watching or worried about.  The only thing he could suggest at this point is to treat with Tylenol for now as long as there is no fever associated with it.

Monday,  21 September

  • Picked up Stephanie's tap shoes.  We played some fiddle music ("Leahy") and she danced up a storm!  Michael showed her some steps - I don't know where he picked it up from.  He actually seemed very interested in it.
  • Stephanie is still complaining about her elbows and wrists.  She often breaks down crying, complaining about the pain.  Called the hospital again but nobody seems to think that its anything to worry about ... although nobody can explain why they would be hurting so much.

Tuesday, 22 September

  • Took Stephanie into the clinic today even though her next chemotherapy isn't due till next Tuesday.  Her pains and crying bouts have been getting worse.  The doctors checked her out best they could but couldn't find anything to worry about yet.  The best explaination that they could offer is that its like her throwing up: yes she does, but its not directly related to the medicine she is taking. 
  • All the same, Stephanie is still taking everything well.  On the drive down, I was sitting beside her with Linda driving.  When I gave her her snack we had brought with us, she started throwing up, which by now we have gotten used to and actually expect it.   As I was wiping up her mouth, she started grasping at me.  It took me a while to catch on, but all she wanted was the rest of her snack!
  • Went to check out archery with Michael tonight.  Although at the beginning of the night he was missing the target most of the time, by the end of the night he was putting most of the arrows on the target.  He's pretty impressive.
  • Stephanie went to Sparks (baby Girl Guides). 

Thursday, 24 September

  • Stephanie is still breaking down from pains in her arms.  She hasn't been sleeping very well either (which also means that we haven't been sleeping well either).  Just the same she went to her first tap dancing class.  She had a hoot.

Sunday, 27 September

  • Spent the weekend in Ottawa at Linda's parent's place.  Her brother was down with their family from Winnipeg. 
  • Stephanie had a few pain "attacks".  Grandpa made her copper bracelet to absorb the pain.  According to Stephanie it "kinds" of works, but not that well.

Monday, 28 September

  • Stephanie is still bothered by pains and not sleeping well.  She's had to miss some days at school to come home and lay down.
  • This afternoon when I got home from work she really didn't look that good at all.   She ended up falling asleep on the couch before supper.  Her temperature is normal, which is a good thing, I think.

Tuesday, 29 September

  • Stephanie had a chemotherapy appointment in Kingston today.  She was sick for pretty well the whole trip down.  By the time we got there she was pretty beat.   Her counts were a little bit high (as opposed to low ... go figure).  The doctor's best bet is that she may be fighting off something which would also explain the pains and crankiness over the last two weeks.  As long as her temperature stays normal , there's nothing to worry about.
  • Went with Michael to archery again.  He had no problem hitting the target right from the beginning.
  • Stephanie went to Sparks.  She got her T-shirt tonight.  Her other big thing is that she learned some of their songs.
  • She starts again on her 5 days of Prednisone tonight.  We can only imagine how its going to amplify her sore arms and poor sleep.

Wednesday, 30 September

  • Stephanie woke up a new girl this morning!  When I got back from work, she was quick to tell me that she had slept perfectly last night and that her arms did not bother her at all today.  She was also quick to tell me a thousand other things, without stopping for a breath ... Prednisone in action.
  • We thought that we would have a tough time getting Stephanie to bed tonight but we didn't.  She must have been pretty tired.  Just to make sure, we had taken her and Michael out to park to play after supper.