Daily Diary
July 1999

Tuesday, 6 July (6 Mths: WBC-4.5, HGB-97, Plt-151, Poly-2.35)

  • Of course, since getting back from Stephanie's appointment in Toronto last week, we've been to the pool again and again and again .... 
  • Stephanie's appointment in Kingston this morning was pretty quick again.  She let them take blood from her inner elbow, instead of from the top of her hand, and without Emla!  Nothing new to report.

Tuesday, 20 July (6 Mths: WBC-5.5, HGB-100, Plt-162, Poly-2.91)

  • Appointment in Kingston was quick as usual.  They didn't have much to say other than they are still watching her red blood cell count (HGB).
  • After the appointment, we continued on to Ottawa.  We are heading out to New Brunswick (Laplante, which is near Petit Rocher which is close to Bathurst) to visit my parents.  We don't have much time as Kingston would like to see her back next Friday.

Friday, 30 July (6 Mths: WBC-4.1, HGB-92, Plt-188, Poly-2.2)

  • We made it to and back from New Brunswick with no problems.  My parent were really happy to see us.  Stephanie and Michael has lots of fun on the beach.  The big highlight was having an ice-cream cone every night at "L'Igloo" - an ice-cream stand.
  • The news today at the doctor (in Kingston) wasn't too encouraging.  Stephanie's red blood cell (HGB) has continued to slowly drop.  One explaination could be the initial stages of a relapse.  As a result, if her red blood cell count is still on a downwards trend next week (they want to see her every week for now), they'll do a bone marrow sample to see what's going on.  A relapse now, within the first year of a bone marrow transplant, would not be good.

Mths are the number of months since her Bone Marrow Transplant (7 Jan 99).
WBC is the White Blood Cell Count (fights diseases).  Below 1.5 means that her immune system is very weak or non-existant.   (Normal= 4.5-13.5)
HGB is HemoGloBin or red blood cell count (carries nutrients).  Below 70 means a blood transfusion.  (Normal= 120-160)
Plt is the number of Platelets (stops bleeding). Below 20 means a platelet transfusion.  (Normal= 150-450)