Daily Diary
September 1999

Tuesday, 7 September (8 Mths: WBC-5.5, HGB-104, Plt-190, Poly-2.6)

  • Blood counts are still looking good.  Stephanie is still eating well and her weight is still stable.

Wednesday, 8 September (8 Mths)

  • Stephanie turned 7 years old today.  She says she feels "older" now.   We're going to have the party this weekend.

Friday, 10 September (8 Mths)

  • Had her first haircut since ... can't remember when the last one was.  Most of the ones from the past have been to shave her head when her hair was starting to fall out.   Her hair is about 1 1/2 inches long now but it was growing in kind of scraggly.   The hair cut was to help try to even it out.

Sunday, 12 September (8 Mths)

  • We had Stephanie's party today.  She had some of her friends over and we went bowling followed by pizza.  Stephanie loved the bowling.

Thursday, 16 September (8 Mths)

  • Linda finally got off to Colorado Springs.  They took off yesterday morning but had to turn around and land again because of mechanical problems.  After waiting around for the whole day, they finally cancelled the flight and rescheduled for today.   Linda is part of the 8 Wing Concert Band - she plays piano (when they are in concert) and symbols (when they march).  They'll be there till next Thursday.   Stephanie's taking it not too bad - it's the first time over the past two years that they (Linda and Stephanie) have been apart for any significant time.

Monday, 20 September (8 Mths)

  • Stephanie did her first Brownies tonight (she had done Sparks over the past year but she did it mostly from home because she was in isolation most of the time).  She thought it was great.  She was really sad afterwards because it's only once a week - she wants to have it every night!

Tuesday, 21 September (8 Mths: WBC-5.1, HGB-105, Plt-193, Poly-2.3)

  • Stephanie's appointment in Kingston was pretty quick again.  Just a quick poke to get blood samples and then a little wait for the results.  She is really good about the whole thing now.  She is still using Emla but there's no more crying (it still hurts though).
  • Her weight seems to have stabilized now - 23.8 Kg - which is good.  Her counts seem pretty good with her red blood count s....l......o......w.......l.......y going back to normal.
  • Stephanie spent most of the day looking at her Brownie catalogue.  She has checked off everything she would like to get .... did you know they have Brownie jewelry!!??

Thursday, 23 September (8 Mths)

  • Linda made it back from their trip to Colorado Springs.  Linda and Michael love her even more - I don't stand a chance of being their favorite over the next few days!

Sunday, 26 September (8 Mths)

  • Stephanie is coming down with some sniffles and sneezing.  If she comes down with what every other kid seems to have, it'll be the first time over the past 2 years that she's gotten sick from something other than treatment.  Hopefully her body will be able to get over it on its own.

Mths are the number of months since her Bone Marrow Transplant (7 Jan 99).
WBC is the White Blood Cell Count (fights diseases).  Below 1.5 means that her immune system is very weak or non-existant.   (Normal= 4.5-13.5)
HGB is HemoGloBin or red blood cell count (carries nutrients).  Below 70 means a blood transfusion.  (Normal= 120-160)
Plt is the number of Platelets (stops bleeding). Below 20 means a platelet transfusion.  (Normal= 150-450)