Daily Diary
December 1999

Tuesday, 7 December (11 Mths)

  • Stephanie had an appointment in Kingston to do phsycometric testing.  It part of the follow-up monitoring to see what the effects of all of the chemotherapy and radiation had on her brain functions and development.  They had warned us of some possible long term effects.  To date we haven't noticed out of the ordinary.
  • The tests are simple things like memory and problem solving stuff.  Stephanie loves it - she sees it all as a game!

Monday, 13 December (11 Mths)

  • Stephanie had another appointment in Kingston today.  This time it was with an Ophthalmologist.  Basically, her bad eye (she lost her eyesight in her right eye when she relapsed last October) is still bad and her good eye is still good!  The Ophthalmologist mentioned that if we wanted to, Stephanie could wear glasses (with no magnification) to protect her good eye.
  • Well, much to our surprise, Stephanie wanted to rush right out and try some on.   She thinks that they will make her look cool.

Tuesday, 21 December (11 Mths)

  • Stephanie had the rest of her physcometric testing today.  We'll get the results later in January.
  • We picked up a pair of glasses for Stephanie this afternoon - she's right, she does look cool & sophisticated!

Thursday, 23 December (11 Mths)

  • We made our way to Ottawa today to spend Christmas with GrandMa and GrandPa Sturgeon (Linda's parents).

Wednesday, 29 December (11 Mths)

  • Came back from Ottawa today.  We all had a nice Christmas.

Mths are the number of months since her Bone Marrow Transplant (7 Jan 99).
WBC is the White Blood Cell Count (fights diseases).  Below 1.5 means that her immune system is very weak or non-existant.   (Normal= 4.5-13.5)
HGB is HemoGloBin or red blood cell count (carries nutrients).  Below 70 means a blood transfusion.  (Normal= 120-160)
Plt is the number of Platelets (stops bleeding). Below 20 means a platelet transfusion.  (Normal= 150-450)