Daily Diary
Year 2000

Saturday, 1 January (11 Mths)

  • We had a nice New Year's Eve last night.  Of course Michael and Stephanie just had to stay up.  It was hard for them (Stephanie was reeaaallly tired), but they managed!

Wednesday, 5 January (11 Mths: WBC-7.4, HGB-98, Plt-237, Poly-3.56)

  • Was in to Toronto (Sick Kids Hospital) for Stephanie's 1 year "post transplant" appointment today.  We got there at 11:30AM for her 12:30PM appointment which ended up being at 4:30PM.  We ended up getting home at 8:30PM ... it was a long day.
  • The results of the DNA analysis that they did of Stephanie's white blood cells at the 6-month post transplant appointment showed a 100% engraftment (ie, they only saw cells that came from Michael) - that's good.  As well, she has not developed a chronic case of graft vs host.  According to the doctor, none of his patients have had a relapse once they get past the 2 year "post transplant" mark - she's halfway there!   Consequently, they are very optimistic that they will be able to mark Stephanie down as "cured" at the 2 year mark.
  • Stephanie is off all pills now (she had been on penicillin and dapsone)!  The doctor thinks that the dapsone may have been keeping her HGB down and that we may see it come back up into the normal range now that she's off it.  Either way, they're not concerned that it is still low.
  • Finally, they said that they are going to recommend to Kingston that Stephanie need only go in for blood counts once every three months over the next year!
  • Overall we're all hoping that the upcoming year will be a very quiet and "normal" one.  Interestingly we ate supper at a Chinese restaurant and Stephanie's fortune cookie said: "Although it feels like a roller coaster now, life will calm down."!

Mths are the number of months since her Bone Marrow Transplant (7 Jan 99).
WBC is the White Blood Cell Count (fights diseases).  Below 1.5 means that her immune system is very weak or non-existant.   (Normal= 4.5-13.5)
HGB is HemoGloBin or red blood cell count (carries nutrients).  Below 70 means a blood transfusion.  (Normal= 120-160)
Plt is the number of Platelets (stops bleeding). Below 20 means a platelet transfusion.  (Normal= 150-450)