The Amberola 30

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Introduced in February 1915, when no other manufacturer on the planet was making cylinder phonographs (the last new Columbia Graphophone cylinder machines were issued in 1908: Type BO, BQ & BV), it is the first of the 3 new models issued that year.  30 was the price in dollars as for the 50 and 75 models  This prooves that there was no inflation in 1915 (in 1919 after the first world war, their prices were respectively: $41, $68 & $100).  The horns of these models, in opposition with the ones of the serial I to X, being not nicely finished and moving with the reproducer, were hidden by a piece of silk stuck behind the front grill.  Normally equiped with a Diamond C reproducer, it is here with a modified model H reproducer and special adapter ring used for International Coresponding School cylinders because of the use of a 4 minute recorder needed by students.  To run at 90 rpm as for all language cylinders, the speed control, normally inside the gear cover, extends from outside to facilitate the passage from 160 to 90.


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From the Edison Phonograph Monthly of April 1915 and in September 1918, the price was $41.00 (in peace in 1915, the USA were in war in 1918 and the inflation had started).

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