The Arnoldia Doll (1)

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In 1908, the German doll maker: Max Oscar Arnold, took a patent in Germany and Great Britain for a talking doll.  There are two known different models of such a doll.  This one, the oldest, has the horn passing through the neck, the bisque head being open in the back to let the sound exit.  Because of the horn, the head can only be pivoted on itself.   A rod is connected between a lever of the motor and the eyes.  The doll is moving her eyes while singing or speaking and is, by the way, an automaton.  The second model has an ordinary china head and the motor has a small bended horn, as shown in the background, for the sound to pass through a grill located in her chest (see Arnoldia doll (2)).  The wax cylinders are made in German, English and French.  Some of the boxes wear an Edison patent as shown below.  It is the highest of the cylinder talking dolls: 80cm (31"1/2).


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A sample of German record box.

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