The Type B (sold in France)

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Before starting to copy Columbia Graphophones (Aiglon, Coq, etc.) then Edison Phonographs (Gaulois), and finally making their own models, the French Pathe Company started to import both kind of original machines.  Later, they only imported mechanisms and "Frenchisied" the machines by adding their own horns and cabinets.  Here is an original Columbia Graphophone model B mounted on the top of a reversible cabinet with a nickled "Cor de chasse" horn (hunting horn).  As anything coming from outside looks more attractive, the decals says, with mistake in the choice of words:


Perfectionned Type K


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Here, a French copy of the Columbia Graphophone Type B.  Notice the square lid and a metal cover to hide the mechanism with the Pathe Rooster, the logo of the company, with its slogan: "Je chante haut et clair" (I sing high and clear).

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