The Blue Gem Horn

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Bought in Australia through eBay, this is one of the very rare Gem horn ever seen.  Still in restoration process (left lower part done, right not yet) is has been found with an Edison Fireside Model A.  We can read in the "Edison Cylinder Phonograph Companion", written by George L. Frow,: "The earliest Firesides may have been sent with blue or black japanned horns, as available, and green horns are known".   This was certainly the case here.


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More astonishing is the fact that the decal has no model name inscribed on it.  This was certainly intentionnaly made to be able to sell it either with Gems or Firesides.  Definitly a Gem horn (made of one piece, like the black ones), the same politic was not applied with the 2 pieces red Fireside horn commonly sold with the marron Gems (models D & E).

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