The Home Made Cabinet (Edison)

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This "Home Made" cylinder cabinet has been discovered in Maine.  As the upper drawer is 6 1/2" high when the others are 4 1/2", it is reasonnable to think that the owner could have a 6" long mandrel Columbia Graphophone (BC, BF, BG, BM, BO or BQ) and used the first drawer for his 6" long 20th century cylinders (normally, the cylinder cabinets have all their drawers of the same heigth).


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  It had no pegs in the four first drawers, but 12 as shown above in the lower one.  There is a separation to let the front part available for accessories (the tooth brush with ivory handle, as well as the cardboard box were found where they are).


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But, the most surprising thing is the fact that the cabinet itself has been made from different recycled wooden boxes, including the crating of an Edison phonograph (the two sides of the first high drawer and one side of two other ones).  The General Electric Logo can also be seen on another of the planks used to made it.  I must admit that the theory of the Columbia Graphophone 6" long mandrel is hard to reconsile with the presence of the Edison labels, but we will never know.

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