The Class-M

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Issued at the begining of the 90's, this machine was found near Bordeaux, in France, in an ancient "café" where, with its 15 ear tubes, it certainly increased the number of customers as did, later on, the Radio, then the Television.  Run by an electric motor, it needs the use of a chimical cell like the French Grenet cell on its left.   Full of sulfuric acid with potassium bichromate it develops 1.8 volts when the central amalgamed zinc anode located between the two carbon cathodes is plunged into the mixture.  It is equiped with the worst ball governor to control the speed (like the one of a steam engine). When the contact is put ON, the speed increases till an electric contact is broken.  Then, the speed starts to decrease till the electric contact is retablished and so on...


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From the August, 1898 Pathe catalog,


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From the February 1, 1899 T. J. Monks catalog, 174 fifth Ave., New York.

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