The Ediphone (1st version)

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In November 1917 the Edison Business Phonograph Model E was renamed "The Ediphone" ("Built by Edison for Better Letters").  This peculiar one is a strange machine used for Morse training by the U.S. Army.  The front identification plate above the decal says: "Signal Corps, U.S. Army, Code Transmitter and Recorder, TG-8".


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With these special electric operated recorder and reproducer, it could record and repeat recorded Morse code.  The diagram below, found inside the case, shows the connection between them, the batteries, the "loud speaker or head phone" and the Morse key.  As the cylinder phonograph was invented in 1877 after a miracle incident that occurs during the use of a Morse recorder and repeater with parafined paper disc, we can say that, with this machine, the loop is closed.

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The last line says: Checked by EES, Nov. 28, 1925.

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